Sideways 9's Chad Maveus on creating a fun, comfortable & casual golf apparel line

From left to right: Robbie Abrusley, Andrew Burt, Chad Maveus, Hubert Allen / Photo courtesy of Hunter Public Relations
From left to right: Robbie Abrusley, Andrew Burt, Chad Maveus, Hubert Allen / Photo courtesy of Hunter Public Relations

Sideways 9 is a casual golf apparel company owned and operated by founder and PGA professional Chad Maveus. The new clothing line debuted during the 2019 Masters, with apparently perfect timing as its signature “Tiger GOAT” design was unveiled.

Noted Maveus: “I always knew Tiger Woods would win another major, but never imagined it would happen during the launch of my new company." The entrepreneur and golf professional continued: “I was overwhelmed by the positive response I received while wearing my 'tiger goat' shirt during the tournament.”

Maveus conceived of Sideways 9 during his years at Pebble Beach Golf Links, where he served as first assistant golf professional, and later as general manager at Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, Michigan. The line is derived from a true player's perspective -- sprinkle in a little sarcasm and wit -- which all golfers will truly appreciate. Sideways 9 will introduce new designs throughout the year and add a new hat collection later this spring.

Sideways 9 will be available in select pro shops starting this season, as well as online.To learn more about that, I spoke with Chad Maveus on behalf of Sportskeeda. In the meantime, more information on Sideways 9 can be found online at or by following the brand via Facebook (@sidewaysnine), Instagram (@sideways.9), and/or Twitter @Sideways_9.

Where did the idea for Sideways 9 come from? How long had it been in the works for?

Chad Maveus: It’s difficult to pin point an exact date of conception. During my first job as an assistant golf professional, I was aware of a local golf professional that purchased a golf course and was running it successfully. I always liked the idea of owning my own business and becoming my own boss. The idea of Sideways 9 has been formed from the past 20-plus years experience in the golf business, millions of interactions with guests, players and industry professionals.

When in the Sideways 9 creation process did the "Tiger GOAT" come along?

Chad Maveus: Over the past two years I’ve been keeping notes and ideas when they come along. I relate those creative moments with dreams, if you don’t write them down right away you will forget them. The Tiger GOAT started about a year to a year and a half ago, with the “Greatest of All Time” dominating sports culture. I had an idea of merging the two animals into one, jotted it down, and tried to keep a lid on it until the design was created and finished.

Do you have a favorite item from the Sideways 9 collection?

Chad Maveus: That’s like asking a parent which kid they love the most! The company is so young that I’m sure they may change over time. Although all of the designs have special meaning to me, some resonate more with people than others. The Tiger GOAT is definitely the flagship design that launched Sideways 9, but I do have other favorites.

The G.L.O.A.T – "greatest lefty of all time" -- is a fun play on words and can reference all great lefty’s in any sport. "Walk Before You Ride" – I prefer to walk when I play the game and I believe its golf in its purest form. Snowman “No Pictures on a Scorecard??” -- it just makes me laugh, every time actually. "Worst Putter in the World" – sarcasm at its best. "Circle of Friendship" – anyone that plays for a couple of bucks with friends will appreciate this...

What does the rest of 2019 look like for Sideways 9?

Chad Maveus: We will continue to launch new designs throughout the year, as well as introduce a hat line to the family.

Will we be seeing the "Tiger GOAT" elsewhere beyond Sideways 9 items?

Chad Maveus: While there are several other possibilities for this design, for now it will stay strictly in the Sideways 9 family.

Beyond Sideways 9, you are a golf professional. At what point in your life did you realize that golf was going to be part of your career and not just a hobby?

Chad Maveus: I actually remember the moment well, I was on the porch of my future’s wife’s apartment at Michigan State. Like most college students, I had yet to determine a major, but wanted an area of study that could be diverse enough for several fields. I was always passionate about the game of golf and had had success playing the game in high school and college. I knew that if I got into the golf business I would want a degree that would apply, but also be useful in other areas. I finished my degree at Northern Illinois University in Corporate Communications, got a job as an assistant golf professional, and received my PGA Membership in 2005.

What is it that first hooked you on golf?

Chad Maveus: I come from a very sports-oriented family. My father played golf and basketball in college, my older brother played basketball in college, and I played golf in college. I started playing the game at seven years old, and by about 11 I was off and running and competing in local golf tournaments. I just love everything about the game.

How do you feel about the Mediocre Golf Association? Have you ever encountered those folks?

Chad Maveus: I am aware of the Mediocre Golf Association and their chapters, but have not had any direct encounters during my time in the business.

Aside from golf, do you have a second favorite sport? Are there any teams you followup in a major way?

Chad Maveus: Yes and yes. As stated earlier I was brought up in a sports family. Growing up I played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey and golf. I continued to play most of those sports into my late 20’s before moving to California. After moving back to the Midwest 6 years ago, the first thing I did was to start playing in a men’s hockey league again. I play six months of hockey during the year, twice a week, but leave the summer months strictly for golf. As for teams that I follow, I grew up in the Chicago-Land area, so I am a diehard Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs, and Bulls fan.

Finally, Chad, any last words for the kids?

Chad Maveus: I would give two bits of advice for kids out there. #1: Pick a future profession that you truly have a passion for. If you do something that you love, you never really work a day in your life. #2: I would encourage every kid to play the game of golf. It is a game that you can play your entire lifetime, great outdoor exercise, teaches you life skills, and allows you to spend two to five hours of quality uninterrupted time with friends and family. It’s not just about how you play and what you score, its about enjoying every aspect of the experience.


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