Video: Leaders react after round three of PGA Championship

Player reactions after the third round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York on Saturday (August 10th).

Jim Furyk:“I think the way I need to treat it is it’s an opportunity. That’s the way I have been looking at every round this week. And you know, I know I’m going to go to the media room and I know someone is going to mention that I’m 43 and that I’m old and how many more chances am I going to have? It’s been so damn negative in there all week anyway. I have made two trips and they’ve been a little negative. I’m kind of waiting for it. I’m going to have some fun with it. You know, I’m not in the grave yet. I’m going to have more opportunities ahead of me in my mind. Tomorrow is an opportunity. That is the word you used, and that is exactly the way I’m viewing it. I’m going to have fun with it and I’m going to enjoy the opportunity.”

Jason Dufner:“It was enjoyable at certain points of the round, not enjoyable at other points. It’s tough to be out there competing for these championships. It’s what I’ve always practiced for and what I’ve always dreamed for. In that sense, it’s fun. But these golf courses put a lot of stress on your game. You have got to be really prepared and when doubt creeps in to kind of put that in another spot in your mind and be confident. It’s kind of a tussle out there between yourself and your mind. You’d like to get some birdies early so you can get a little bit more comfortable.”

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