WATCH: Neal Shipley becomes the Scottie Scheffler of the US Open as his birdie streak astonishes the golf world

U.S. Open - Round Three
Neal Shipley, 2024 U.S. Open (Image via Getty)

With the 2024 US Open underway, Neal Shipley is the golf world's new favourite. World no. 1 Scottie Scheffler was the most favored to win the 2024 US Open at the Pinehurst Resort and Country Club No. 2 course. However, after Scheffler nearly missed the cut, Neal Shipley has stepped up the game to emulate the World No. 1's playing style.

Neal Shipley displayed incredible skill during the third round of the 2024 US Open. The Ohio State golfer carded in four birdies on the first nine to card in two under par 33 at the turn. Shipley also carded in three consecutive birdies on holes eight, nine, and 10. With five birdies in his first 10 holes, Shipley is one to look out for.

Despite dealing with several bogeys, the young amateur retaliated with resilience, giving fans a glimpse of Scottie Scheffler in him. With Scheffler having carded in only four birdies so far into the Major, the amateur tied for second in the field in total birdies. Currently, Neal Shipley has carded in 12 birdies.

Neal Shipley is currently tied for 25th place at four over par through three rounds of the 2024 US Open. He is tied along with fellow amateur Luke Clanton and is in the race for the US Open Low Amateur honors.

Neal Shipley's 2024 US Open ruling issue

Neal Shipley ran into some trouble with the officials at the 2024 US Open. On Pinehurst No. 2 course's par four 13th hole, Shipley was faced with a wedge shot from around 25 yards to the pin.

While doing what seems to be a part of his pre-shot routine, Shipley addressed the ball before doing a small movement to gain his swing feel. By doing so, it was speculated that the ball had moved from its position.

Rule 9 of the United States Golf Association (USGA) - " Ball Played as It Lies; Ball at Rest Lifted or Moved " - comes into play here. Under Rule 9.4 " Ball Lifted or Moved by Player", when the ball is accidentally moved from the place where it came to rest, it must be replaced to its original spot.

Shipley, along with his playing partner Aaron Rai and USGA rules officials, reviewed the footage of his shot. Based on their assessment, Shipley received a one-stroke penalty which resulted in a double bogey for the hole. Here's what the USGA had to say about the ruling,

"In preparing to make the stroke, Neal set the club down behind the ball and then adjusted the club when the ball then moved. Because the ball had been at rest for some time and then moved immediately after he adjusted his club, it is virtually certain that he caused the ball to move."

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Edited by Partha Sarathi Banerjee
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