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Is it time for Patrick Mahomes to start in Kansas City? 

Should the Chiefs consider starting Mahomes in Kansas City?

Feature 21 Nov 2017, 11:03 IST

Kansas City Chiefs v Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs v Dallas Cowboys

When the Kansas City Chiefs started the season 5-0 especially with wins against the New England and the Philadelphia Eagles, everyone was talking about Alex Smith as a possible MVP candidate. Ever since that 5-0, the Chiefs are 1-4 in their last five games and people are wondering whether it is time for them to make a quarterback change.

Let's face the facts. Alex Smith is a good quarterback, not a great one. He beat the Patriots and Eagles when the weather was warm and when Kareem Hunt was putting up monster numbers. Now, teams are daring Alex Smith to throw deep and all he does is throw check downs. Kareem Hunt is also being contained and that is causing the Chiefs offence to not be as explosive.

Kansas City came off a bye yesterday and they were on the road against the New York Giants. The Giants defence had been horrendous for the past few weeks. Alex Smith was able to make them look good again. Smith 27-of-40 passes for 230 yards and two interceptions. Smith only made two throws of 15 plus yards in the game yesterday (Tyreek Hill 38 yards and Travis Kelce 32 yards). When the game was tied at six in the fourth-quarter, Kansas City pulled out a trick play for Kelce to throw the ball and he was intercepted.

You know what that tells me, the Chiefs didn't trust Alex Smith to throw it deep. Why would you call a trick pass play against a 1-8 now 2-8 team? I understand the wind was very bad at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, but this is the Alex Smith that shows up when the weather is cold. We know what he can do and maybe he has reached his potential.

In wins this season, Smith has completed 135-of-189 passes for 1,593 yards and 12 touchdowns. In losses, he has completed 96-of-144 passes for 1,081 yards six touchdowns and three interceptions.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers handed Kansas City its first loss in week six, the Steelers exposed the Chiefs offensive weakness and it has been exploited ever since. This is part of the reason why Kansas City should switch to Patrick Mahomes. He has a stronger arm and the defences won't stack the box and they would have to respect the run game again as well.

There is a reason why the Chiefs traded up in the draft to pick Mahomes. In the preseason, Mahomes completed 34-of-54 passes for 390 yards and four touchdowns. He would have Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Albert Wilson, Demetrius Harris, and Demarcus Robinson to throw too.

Kansas City does a favourable schedule that they would be able to make this move: vs Buffalo (5-5), at Jets (4-6), vs Oakland (4-6), vs Chargers (4-6), vs Miami (4-6), and at Denver (3-7). The Chiefs currently hold the #4 spot in the AFC.

If Mahomes is ready and I think he is ready, the Chiefs should make this move and hope it doesn't blow up in their faces like the Nathan Peterman move in Buffalo. They should also make this move because Kansas City is going to have to either beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and/or the New England Patriots and I don't think Alex Smith can get them to the Super Bowl.

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