NFL: All Kyle Orton does is win!


Strong in the tackle and with his bull-like physique would prove to be handy in the air, further more, his positioning in general seems pretty impressive for a 19 year old boy.

Ever since Kyle Orton led the Josh Mcidiot Broncos to a 6-0 record to start the ’09 season, the “guy who just wins football games” has a record of 5-19 as Broncos quarterback. Those numbers are imperative to know because on Monday night, Orton and the guy who routinely sings his praises (Trent Dilfer) were together on a  national stage embarrassing themselves.

Orton was 24-46 with 304 yards passing, and 1 TD & 1INT. Not putrid numbers by any stretch, but for a guy who has known since ’05 that he isn’t a starting quarterback in this league, it was beautiful to watch. The inability to avoid a rush, the concrete feet that keep him planted in the pocket, and a fumble that led to a Raiders touchdown in the silver & black’s 23-20 win.

Before the thought even pops in your head, know this is not a cry for Tim Tebow. If you know me, you know how I feel about that other Bronco guy who can’t play NFL quarterback. Honestly, I don’t care if the Broncos brought back Bubby Brister to try and dig out of the rubble that Josh McDaniels left behind.

This is simply a day for guys like me to say, “I told you so”. It was a fun discussion in ’09 when Cutler and the Bears were struggling, while Orton was winning the 6 most important games to start a season in the history of the NFL. Since then, the Orton (plus picks)-Cutler trade discussion has been regurgitated by the football imbeciles who are still trying to prove that the Bears should have kept Ortsman and the draft picks. I’ll admit, I partook in the Cutler bashing mainly because the Bears were bad, and he was a functioning turnover. For me, that argument was a dead issue once Cutler led the Bears to the playoffs last season despite having 5 cripple’s in front of him. Besides, he became the best quarterback the Bears have ever had the day he stepped foot into Halas Hall.

As for Trent Dildo, he has done nothing but rip Cutler and praise Orton since the trade. Why? Because Orton reminds Trent of himself. You know, how he needs a dominant defense and running game to even be competent. Tell me, quarterback guru, how’s that Orton deep throating working out for you? I listen to Dilfer’s assessment of quarterbacks like I listen to Michael Irvin & Keyshawn Johnson’s thoughts on anything. You two deserved to look like asses together on the first Monday night of the season to the most undisciplined team in football. Congrats. You’ll be receiving a Blu-ray of quarterbacks who can actually win their team a game when they have to.

I’m sorry, but the cynic in me couldn’t resist bashing these two after Monday night’s train wreck. It’s cool though, Dilfer is done calling games, and “Orts” will continue to provide us with weekly comedy. It took longer than it should have, but the Orton-Cutler debate is over forever. Actually, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. There’s nothing worse than know it all clowns who think they are Bill Walsh. I will, however, also send you YouTube links to those magical 1st 6 games from the ’09 season to feed your ego.

Edited by Staff Editor
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