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In the last article, we saw the nicknames certain players have adopted in the Elite Football League of India (EFLI). Of course, this is just in keeping with the tradition that so many star players have followed in America's NFL.

This includes former NFL stars who are now associated with the EFLI as prominent investors. After having looked at the best nicknames amongst the sub-continent's gridiron gang, here are the top nicknames that garnered the most interest in the history of the American football league.


Mike Ditka

Headshot of American professional football player Mike Ditka, in uniform during a game in the 1960s

Ditka is a former American football player, coach and television commentator who is amongst the primary investors in EFLI. He coached the Chicago Bears for 11 years and the New Orleans Saints for three years. He is one of only two people to win the NFL as a player, a coach as well as an assistant coach. He is also the only individual in modern history to win the championship as player and coach with the same team.

He earned a variety of nicknames through his career such as 'Iron Mike', 'The Hammer' and 'Da Coach'. The most popular of the lot was 'Iron Mike' which he earned thanks to his gritty personality.

His team (Bears) came to earn the name 'The Monsters of the Midway' thanks to their defensive prowess.

Kurt Warner

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner

Warner played quarter back for three NFL teams - the St. Louis Rams, the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. He is a two-time NFL MVP award winner as well as a Super Bowl MVP award winner in Super Bowl XXXIV (with the Rams).

The Rams' high-powered offense during his time was nicknamed "The Greatest Show on Turf".

There are no major nicknames for Warner, though Brett Favre once gave him the name 'Chachi' from the show 'Happy Days' during his brief stint with the Green Bay Packers.

Ron Jaworski

Quarterback Ron Jaworski #7 played for the Eagles from 1977-86

Jaworksi is a former quarter back who played for the Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs. He was nicknamed "Jaws" by Philadelphia 76ers player Doug Collins (later coach) prior to the 1981 Super Bowl as he was forever talking. During his younger days, he went by the name of 'The Polish Rifle' or 'The Polish Cannon' for being able to regularly fire passes.

Michael Irvin

Irvin playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 1994

Wide receiver Michael Irvin was such a good playmaker that he was dubbed The Playmaker.

Irvin had the ability to beat just about any coverage thrown his way as he recorded 750 career receptions for 11,904 receiving yards and 65 total touchdowns. He is an all-time great wide receiver as well as an all-time great personality.

Having had a look at the nicknames of some of the prominent stakeholders of EFLI, here are some other famous ones from the NFL that are amongst the best.

Captain Comeback

Staubach in action for the Dallas Cowboys in 1971

Captain Comeback goes to the original holder of the nickname, Roger Staubach. Whenever Staubach played quarterback, you simply couldn't count out the Dallas Cowboys from coming back to win, no matter how big the deficit.

Staubach retired with an incredible 15 fourth quarterback comebacks as well as 23 game-winning drives.

He was as clutch as they come.

The Minister of Defense

Reggie White

The Minister of Defense is the nickname given to all-time great Reggie White. White had an incredible career as a defensive end with the Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers as he racked up a whopping 198 total career sacks.

Flash 80

The legendary Jerry Rice

It is a very simple nickname but one that is an all-time classic. Jerry Rice, considered one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game, sported the No. 80 throughout his entire career during which he made spectacular play after spectacular team for every single team he played for, which resulted in the nickname Flash 80.

The Bus

Jerome Bettis

One look at Jerome Bettis and you would not want this man running full speed at you. Bettis was a massive object that ran with a purpose and was so large that he was known as The Bus.

Tom Terrific

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been as terrific as you can be; he's won three Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVPs, two NFL MVPs and holds the NFL's single season record for touchdown passes standing at 50.

No wonder people call him "Tom Terrific".

Revis Island

Darrelle Revis

It's a place where attackers don't want to be.

That's because when Darrelle Revis takes you there, he is taking you out of the game and will make you ineffective.

Revis is considered one of the most dominant shut-down cornerbacks to have played in the NFL.

The Purple People Eaters

Minnesota Vikings 'Purple People Eaters' (L-R) Alan Page (88), Jim Marshall (70), Gary Larsen (77) and Carl Eller (81) on the sidelines during a game in 1970

The Minnesota Vikings' defensive lineman grouping of Alan page, Carl Eller, Gary Larsen and Jim Marshall just dominated the mid-1970s to such an extent that they earned this nickname. They used to pretty much gazump any running back or quarterback that they could get their hands on.

The Purple Jesus

Adrian Peterson

From the Purple People Eaters to the Purple Jesus. Adrian Peterson is the Purple Jesus because he's one of the greatest running backs that we have seen in recent memory and he wears the purple of the Minnesota Vikings while strutting his stuff.

The Nigerian Nightmare

Christian Okoye

Christian Okoye was given this nickname thanks originates from Nigeria and the fact that he was such a massive running back that he put fear in opposing defenders' eyes.


Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson is simply known as Megatron. A name that Nitin Deshmukh of the Mumbai Gladiators has borrowed. It's because Johnson is arguably the most dominant wide receiver in the NFL today and can just dominate anybody that stands in his way, as he's such an athletic player despite being 6'5". And Deshmukh aspires to be precisely that.

The Assassin

Jack Tatum

Jack Tatum is known as one of the dirtiest players in NFL history in some people's eyes, and also the most feared. He was a reckless and quite ruthless safety for the Oakland Raiders, and was thus given the name The Assassin.

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