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Tom Brady will not leave New England Patriots, suggest reports

Suryaraj Jain
04 Nov 2019, 11:36 IST

New England Patriots' Tom Brady.
New England Patriots' Tom Brady.

While every free agent or player on the NFL trade-block is considered to go to the New England Patriots, this is one that seemed to be going the other way around. A shocking rumor and report that Tom Brady could be leaving the Patriots came from ESPN's Adam Schefter last week during their game against the New York Jets.

Schefter reported during the half-time showcase that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had put up his house, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, up for sale. He also stated that Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero, put up his house for sale. On top of that, Brady has voided his 2021 contract, meaning he will be a free agent next season. All this speculation made Patriots' fans start sweating, as their star quarterback could be on another team next season.

It was certainly shocking to hear that because almost every free-agent in the NFL tends to be linked to the Patriots. However, the tables turned with Brady being rumored to join "half a dozen" franchises that did not include the Patriots.

Well, fans can be relieved now, as the rumor has been debunked. NBC's commentator Cris Collinsworth probably heaved a sigh of relief after hearing about the truth behind Brady putting up his house for sale. Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, bought a bigger mansion located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The area is located close to New York, which is likely where his wife works the most. As for his trainer, Guerrero is staying in Massachusetts, moving to Plymouth.

As far as Brady's contract is concerned, he continues to void and restructure his contract usually every year. In this offseason, he signed a 1-year, $23 million extension. The year before, he signed a 2-year extension. It is likely that Brady will determine if he will continue to play football and be carried his way towards another Super Bowl. After all, he said he wants to play till he is 45.

In the end, the Patriots need their quarterback for as long as possible. With the teams schedule getting harder every year, Brady's presence is imperative to push them through Super Bowl each year. Is Brady headed off a cliff? Only time will tell but the Patriots continue to get him help.

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