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Aly Raisman reveals what NBC omitted from her interview

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Aly Raisman

Two-time Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman was recently interviewed by NBC's Savannah Guthrie for the Dateline NBC hourlong special "Silent No More", which aired on Sunday, April 22.

Raisman was interviewed along with 2012 Olympic teammate McKayla Maroney, legendary gymnastics coaches Béla and Márta Károlyi, and the mother of Oklahoma University gymnast Maggie Nichols, Gina Nichols.

This documentary pertained to the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal, which has rocked not only the world of gymnastics but the entire world of sports, especially over the past few months.

Raisman was one of more than 260 people, many of whom female gymnasts, to accuse the 54-year-old disgraced former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University physician of sexual assault.

Nassar sexually assaulted these hundreds of people under the guise of medical treatment over the course of roughly two decades before he was finally arrested in December of 2016. He has since been given three lengthy prison sentences, and he is currently serving the first of those sentences at United States Penitentiary Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

After the documentary aired, Raisman took to Twitter to share her frustration with the fact that something she had revealed in her interview with Guthrie was omitted from what was actually shown on television.

Here is what the 23-year-old Needham, Massachusetts native had to say about the matter.

However, if NBC thought they were going to keep what she had to say from getting out, they were mistaken.


Anyone who knows anything about Aly Raisman and how she has responded to this scandal knew it wouldn't be long before what she stated was omitted from her interview was made public.

Here is what Raisman had to say when asked what she thought about "Silent No More", according to E! News.

"This is something that, of course, I am so passionate about, and I did mention in the interview that I reported my abuse to Rhonda Faehn, who is currently still the vice president of USA Gymnastics so I reported my abuse to her, and there was, I don't know what Rhonda did or didn't do from there, but at least 40 more gymnasts that we know of that have spoken up have been -- were molested -- in that time.
"So I don't know why they left that part out, but it seemed like they didn't want to talk bad about anyone that is still at USA Gymnastics currently and so I think that the more people that can know that we don't even understand how this disaster happened, the more that we need to get to the bottom of this."

Raisman went on to express her gratitude toward the media for their continued coverage of this scandal and its aftermath.

"We are very grateful that the media is covering this and we hope they continue to because without the media's support, then people won't understand what's going on."

Here is a video of the full interview during which she revealed this.

As previously speculated, NBC leaving the part that Raisman stated about Rhonda Faehn out of the interview may stem from the fact that they own the broadcasting rights for USA Gymnastics, and with that comes Olympic coverage -- and ratings.

Nevertheless, Raisman made Faehn's name public anyway.