Will Simone Biles return to competitive gymnastics in 2023?

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Simone Biles - Gymnastics - Artistic - 2 Olympics

Biles is lauded worldwide as one of the best gymnasts to ever play the game. Over the years, her name has become synonymous with the sport as she slowly grabbed all of its top spots. The 25-year-old athlete has become an influential and inspirational figure to many aspiring gymnasts and people around the world.

Biles last competed in the delayed Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Since then, Biles has withdrawn from competing in gymnastics events because of her struggles with her mental health. The entire 2022 season saw her stay away from the sport. Many expect a return from the American gymnast in 2023. However, all the signs seem to be pointing the other way.

President Biden awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Biles
President Biden awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Biles

With her being away from the sport for almost two years and taking up different challenges in her life, we might not see her back in 2023, but Biles has not retired yet, and we can still hope to see her back on the mat (hopefully in Paris, 2024). She has been vocal about how 'not retired' she is!

Earlier this year, in September, the American superstar took to Twitter to respond to a fan who tweeted aout how devastated her daughter was after learning about Biles' retirement. Biles replied:

"I haven’t retired though 💖 just working on my mental health."

Biles has openly stated her issues with performing the twists and turns that it takes to perform a gymnast's routine. This came after her experience with the 'twisties' in Tokyo. She has been very skeptical to perform ever since.

Late in 2021, Biles appeared on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, where she clearly stated her woes with the sport.

"To do something that I’ve done forever and just not be able to do it because of everything I’ve gone through is really crazy because I love this sport so much. It’s hard. I’m sorry."


Biles went on to mention that she was 'still scared' to do gymnastics, specifically emphasizing on the turns in most of her routines.

Speaking to USA Today earlier this year, Biles spoke about her hiatus. When asked about her return to the sport, she said:

"You just have to push out those negative views and just keep pushing, I want to see how much I’m capable of, how talented I can be. And that’s why I came back [to Tokyo], just to not have any regrets if I look back in 10 years. So now I can really say I have no regrets, but maybe I might push it a little bit more to see."
Gold Over America Tour - Los Angeles, 2021
Gold Over America Tour - Los Angeles, 2021

What we can gather from all that's been said is that Biles will probably be back on the mat, but it most likely will not be in 2023. With that being said, she may surprise everyone with a 2023 return, only time will tell.

Biles' career so far

Biles has been doing gymnastics at an elite level for just over a decade. In her long career, she has gathered almost every single medal there is in the sport.

She made herself known in the professional scene in 2013 at the World. Biles then went on to win 19 gold medals at the World Championships, making her the most-decorated gymnast of all time.

Biles at the Rio Olympics, 2016
Biles at the Rio Olympics, 2016

At the Olympics, Biles holds seven medals, four golds, one silver, and two bronzes. Biles' golds came at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She went into the Tokyo Olympics as the favorite, but a case of the twisties has seen her take a break from the sport since 2021.

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