10 best barbells for fitness in 2019

Kore 5-Feet Straight Barbell
Kore 5-Feet Straight Barbell
Modified 04 Feb 2019
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Anyone who is heavily invested in weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding should seriously consider having a barbell in their home gym.

Barbells come in different sizes starting at 4 feet and going all the way to above 8 feet. Moreover, with the passage of time, the traditional straight barbell has seen a couple of variations as well. Considering the slew of options available on the market, finding the right one to meet your specific needs could turn out to become a daunting task.

Here is a list of the 10 best barbells in 2018 that should make your search for the perfect unit a whole lot easier.

#10 Kore 5-Feet Straight Barbell

The chrome-plated straight barbell is a wonderful product in the economical price bracket and is an ideal choice for beginners and casual trainers.

The product also comes with two clippers and these do a fine job of securing the weights. The steel construction of the barbell makes it quite durable and it should last for a couple of years with proper care.

However, the thin profile of the unit is on the lower side for a 5-feet barbell and this might not please everyone. It is advisable to avoid using heavy weights with this unit for it lacks the needed stability.

Kore straight barbell retails at around INR 600 and is available on Amazon.

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Published 27 Jan 2018
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