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10 best smith machines in 2019

20 Nov 2017, 20:50 IST

Cosco CS13 Smith Machine
Cosco CS13 Smith Machine

A smith machine is great for casual trainers who are interested in performing free weight exercises involving heavyweights as it provides improved stability and safety during workout sessions. With the ability to secure at multiple positions, this machine allows for a safer workout even during the absence of a spotter.

However, finding the right smith machine to cater to all your needs could become a daunting task as there is a slew of options available in the market ranging from simple smith machines to complex functional trainers.

Here is a list of 10 of the best smith machines in 2017 that would make your search for the ideal unit a whole lot easier:

#10 Cosco CS13 Smith Machine

Cosco CS13 is a simple smith machine with no additional features. It is ideal for a person looking for a minimalistic unit for a home gym.

The linear bearings present on the unit allow for smooth movement thereby reducing the stress on the joints and increasing the overall safety during workouts. A decent amount of weight bar adjustments add good amounts of customisability to the workout.

The square steel piping forms the frame of the unit, which is quite sturdy and offers good levels of stability even during intense workouts. The durability of the machine should not be a cause for concern, either.

Cosco CS13 smith machine costs just over INR 1 lakh and is available on Amazon.

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