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10K workouts for novice runners

10k running can be made simple by following the right steps

Novice runners are those who are seasoned runners with at least a year of experience under their belts. So, if you’re one among them, then you’re in the right page.

10K races are neither long nor short races. So, it requires a perfect balance between speed and stamina. It can be said easily, but perfecting it would require some training sessions. Here are the training schedules for “you” the novice runner:

First week:- Start your week with an easy 6 km run with a pace slightly less than your 10K timing goal that you have for yourself. Continue this till the end of the week.

Seven weeks from the race day:- Kick start your training with tempo runs. Run the first 2 km at your 10K goal pace, then shift gears for an easy 2 km with a pace slightly less than your goal pace, but should be slightly above your threshold pace. The aim is not to get exhausted during this time. Then finish the workout with your 10K pace for the last 2 km.

Six weeks from the race day:- Start off with an easy 6 km, then finish 2 km with your 10K goal pace.

Five weeks from the race day:- Run the first 2 km at your 5K pace without much exhaustion. Then recover with a normal pace for the next 2 km. Run the next 2 km at your 10K pace. That’s it for the week.

Four weeks from the race day:- Now it’s time to boost your speed. Run 4 km at your 5K pace. This workout is very critical for 10K. So, one should be very careful about injury concerns and fatigue during this period. At the end of this workout will be the beginning of your improved speed version.

Three weeks from the race day:- A week before the penultimate is a very crucial week. Start the first 2 km at 5K pace and recover with a decent pace for the next 2 km. After this phase, continue the remaining 4 km at 10K pace.

Two weeks from the race day:- At the penultimate week, start with a 4 km 10K pace, then do an easy run for 2 km. Continue the next 2 km at 10K pace. Then finish off the last 2 km at 5K pace.

Last week:-Ease your muscles and taper every day before the race. Do only easy runs without worrying about the pace. The aim is to taper yourself before the race day to get maximum efficiency at race day. Try to boost your self-confidence and go for it. All the best.

Note: Take a break for two days in every workout week.

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