16 High Protein Vegetables And Other Food Items You Should Have As Part of Your Diet

Last Modified Sep 24, 2018 14:34 GMT

For all those trying to shift to a healthy lifestyle, it can be nerve wrecking to actually make a list of things that you must do and must not do to be #FitGoals. This includes both, diet and exercise. Out of these two, diet can be said to be about 70 per cent of your total regime whereas exercise can be seen as the other 30 per cent.

Vegetables high in protein and fiber

Exercising and forming your workout can be easy, thanks to a million videos, articles and gyms available at your disposal. What can be really confusing is formulating a diet regime for yourself because you cannot really predict what your body will adjust to and what changes it will react against.

Hence, there is one mantra that you must follow, no matter what you do, and we are pretty sure that you must have heard it repeatedly: ‘Include a generous amount of protein in your diet’. This remains true for people who are trying to lose weight and also for those who are trying to build muscles.

You must know why protein is so important for us. Protein can be called the building blocks of many parts of our body, namely the bones, muscles, skin etc. They are needed for repairing and building tissues. Protein is known as a macronutrient, just like carbs, that is, our body needs large portions of it and this is to do with mostly the fact that protein, along with fat and carbs, provides the energy required to do tasks.

Let us first look at some benefits of having high protein foods in our diet:

a) Protein gives a boost to your metabolism. This helps you burn calories through the day.

b) A high protein diet helps you feel full through the day. Why is this important, you ask? Well, remember the donut you had because you were hungry 30 minutes after lunch? A high protein diet could have avoided that. It makes you feel full and keeps hunger pangs in control.

c) Protein helps you out with your bone mass, believe it or not.

d) Research has also shown that people, who like to have a protein rich diet, take in lesser calories per day. Now, if this is the scenario, clearly, your calorie intake will lower down and that will eventually create a deficit if paired with a solid exercise routine. The deficit created, in reality, leads to weight loss.

e) Protein helps to build muscle and enhance strength. Thus, protein intake becomes a necessary condition for those who are interested in building muscles or even for those interested in lifting weights.

f) Protein helps you speed up the process of recovery. This is related to workouts and otherwise, too. High protein intake also reduces the chances of injuries.

However, in spite of these benefits, you must remember certain things.

-- Protein comes in different forms. Not all these forms will comply with your goals. For example, meat is a source of protein. But again, if your aim is to lose weight, hogging on sausages and hot dogs just for the sake of maintaining your protein intake will not really help you out in any manner.

-- In the long run, your body might get used to the specific diet you have been on. Therefore, you might not continue to see results. Try and add variety by combining different diet regimes together.

Some vegetables and food items that are high in protein and must be included in your diet are:

1) Beans, as they are not only packed with protein but also with fiber.

2) Legumes. Lentils are one of the best sources of protein derived from plants.

3) Oats are not only one of the healthiest grains, but they are also loaded with protein, fibers, and other nutrients like manganese, magnesium etc.

4) Quinoa is rich in protein and mineral, they are also generously loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.

5) Greek Yogurt.

6) Tofu.

7) Nuts like almonds can be a rich source of protein. Pistachios and cashews have protein as well.

8) Whole grains.

9) Eggs, especially egg whites are rich in protein.

10) Milk and other dairy products like cheese.

11) Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, corn, green peas, asparagus, okras and Brussels sprouts are super rich in protein. Even though we love to hate these vegetables, they are essential for a protein rich diet.

12) Beans, like black beans. For that matter, even lima beans are a great source of protein.

13) Edamame is not only super healthy, but it is also rich in protein. Be sure of the quantity and method of preparation.

14) Chickpeas.

15) Seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. are also a great source of protein.

16) Avocado helps you feel full really fast and is not only healthy, but also rich in protein.

Incorporate these protein rich vegetables and food items in your diet and pair it with a solid exercise regime and you are good to go!