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2 energy-rich diet choices for bodysurfers & handboarders

Neil Juneja
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Bodysurfing is an infectious sport

Bodysurfers and handboarders have athletic figures. You need strong arms, strong legs and a very strong and stable core in order to excel at either of these sports. In addition to that, honing a strong cardiovascular system and a high level of fitness is key.

The best surfers are strong and flexible. You need to be strong to ride the tides but you also need to be flexible to do so. Flexibility is key, from a damage-control perspective. According to research, the more flexible the individual, the lesser the probability of getting injured during wipeouts.

Bodysurfing and handboarding are two water-sports whose popularity has grown steadily over the years. Millennials are running to the sport like moths attracted to a flame. The biggest reason for the surge in popularity of these two sports is that they successfully satisfy the youths cravings for adrenaline.

To get into either of these sports, leisurely or professionally, you have to be fit. Working out or going to the gym alone doesn’t guarantee fitness. One's diet plays a major role in attaining one's fitness goals. Thus, with that being said, hobbyists or professionals interested in either of these two sports must maintain a relatively strict diet.

Bodysurfers & Handboarders Diet

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The right diet is essential to maintaining fitness

People who go to the gym must know a thing or two about the importance of one’s diet to their personal gains. Bodysurfers and handboarders have to follow a very simple diet. The objective of following a diet is to just stay healthy and fit.

All the food that you eat should contribute to the energy levels of your body. Avoid eating food that takes a long time to digest. Keeping that in mind, avoid eating processed food. That means no breakfast cereals, no bread, limited meat products, no quick-cook microwave stuff. Yes, that means dedication.

To keep it short and sweet - your diet must primarily consist of energy-rich foods that get processed quickly by the body’s digestive system.

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians cannot follow the same diet. Hence, for the purpose of convenience, we have divided energy-rich foods into two categories: vegetarian foods and non-vegetarian food.

A non-vegetarian has the added benefit of compiling a more wholesome energy-rich diet. Let's look at both options individually.

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