3 Exercises Which Workout Your Obliques

Not only are the exercises not that well known, but it is also a lot harder to work out that area
Not only are the exercises not that well known, but it is also a lot harder to work out that area

While working towards a flat belly is fairly straightforward and direct. Working out and toning those love handles, not so much.

Not only are the exercises not that well known, but it is also a lot harder to work out that area. And sides are a body part which inevitably is visible irrespective of what you wear: jeans, dress, sari, shorts etc.

Therefore here are three exercises to work out those sides and tone them up.

#1 Russian Twist


A Russian Twist is probably one of the best exercises to work out those sides. You sit on a mat with your body upright and legs stretched straight. Bend them slightly and lift them off the floor.

As one does this, make sure your upper body is upright and then twist your body from one side to another.

As you twist your body, move your hands along with you and as you reach one side, place your hands to the ground for a second. Do close to 50 repetitions of the same.

To increase the intensity of the workout, one can also hold a weight in front of them as you're moving from one side to another. The weight can be a dumbbell or a medicine ball, anything.

#2 Hip Bridge


Now, this is a relatively easy workout but extremely effective. A hip bridge works out all that extra flab which is around your hips.

Lie down on your back straight on a mat and bend your knees. Then lift your hips and hold them up.

After a few second bring your hips back down but be sure not to touch the ground. Not making them touch the floor increases the intensity and strain on the excess flab near your hips.

Anything between 30-50 hip bridges is a great workout for your obliques and as you get fitter you can increase the repetitions along with the sets.

#3 Side Plank


A side plank is one of the most effective oblique workouts and this is because the way a side plank targets your obliques almost no other exercise does. Also, all these exercises are extremely easy to do and can be done without absolutely any equipment.

In a side plank, you hold your body up as you do in a normal plank but only on one side. Thus lie down to one side and then lift yourself up with all your weight on one arm. Your elbow should be carrying your weight. This is to avoid injuries and make the exercise more intense.

One should do the side plank for close to a minute and keep increasing it as the fitness levels increase. If you want to add more variations within a side plank there are many which will work out your obliques in the most dynamic ways.

Like a normal plank, a side plank has many variations. One side variation is to lift up your body in the position of a side plank.

Then lower your obliques but not to touch the floor. Do this for five seconds and then come back into the plank position. Do this on both sides and you'll see the results soon.

Edited by Alan John
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