4 Ab Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Peter Shilton
Peter Shilton
Revathi Krishnan

As always, a strong core is a solution to many problems. It can rid of back problems, make you feel internally stronger and it tones your entire stomach. Thus allowing you to be less conscious when wearing a stomach showing outfit, a bodycon dress or at the beach.

For a sportsperson, a strong core is one of the most fundamental things. However with our extremely busy lives, it is hard to keep track and exercise everyday or invest time in actively finding core exercises to do. Thus this article will tell you 4 ab exercises which one can do absolutely anywhere.

#1 Bicycles

To do a bicycle you only need a space where you can lie down on your back with your hands on the side. Lift your legs up and do air bicycles. These are extremely effective and work both your upper and lower core.

One should do at least 100 bicycles.


#2 Russian Twist

Here is another exercise one can do anywhere, the russian twist. The Russian Twist is one of the most intensive and effective workouts as it not only works out your entire abdominal region but it also works out your obliques (sides). You basically lay on the floor on your back yet make sure your back is off the floor and as are your legs. Your legs are suspended in the air at about a 30-45 degree angle. Then with your arms you twist your upper body from one side to the other.


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\One can also increase the difficulty level by twisting from one side to the other by holding a weight in both hands or a dumbbell or a medicine ball. This increases the intensity of the workout and makes it a lot more effective. You can start by doing 30-50 russian twist and increasingly add intensity to your workout.

#3 Bird Dog or Aeroplane

Think of this as an upside-down dead bug. Start in a tabletop position, with your shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Engage your core while simultaneously lifting your right arm and left leg. Your foot should be flexed as you kick back, and your palm should face in towards your body. Pause for one second when your arm and leg are at the same height as your torso, and then bring your elbow and knee to touch underneath the body. Repeat on the other side for one rep, and do five reps for one set.


Again, this exercise not only works out your abs but it also works your glutes and your hamstring. It makes them tight and a lot stronger. The bird dog while starting out is an intense exercise but as your fitness levels increase you graduate to other exercises. Thus this is a great starting block. One should to 20 sets on each leg and about 3 repetitions of this exercise.

#4 Plank Jacks

Of all the exercises this is probably the most intense as it brings in a huge element of cardio. This exercise is a combination of a good old plank and jumping jacks. Thus you are in a plank position with either your elbows on the floor or your palms. Your entire body is parallel to the ground. Make sure your core is tight and absolutely straight. Then jump and open your legs and jump and get them back to the original position.


Initially, you can count the number of plank jacks and start by doing 20. But then as the fitness levels increase, you can time yourself. Thus doing plank jacks for a minute, maybe even 2!

Thus these are four effective ab exercises which you can do anywhere and you require absolutely no equipment for. These exercises have been chosen in a way that while they are extremely intense on the core they work other parts of the body too; arms, hamstrings, glutes and even your stamina. Happy working out!

Edited by Kingshuk Kusari


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