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4 Exercises for Toned Inner Thighs

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925   //    07 Jan 2019, 12:06 IST

Thighs. For most women that is our problem area. One is always conscious of wearing skirts, shorts or even tight jeans because of that problem part - thighs. Thus the best way to be less conscious of this problem part is by actively working them out. Now there isn't a concept of spot reduction or spot focus in terms of exercise.

Thus working your inner thighs means actively focussing on your lower body. This can also extend beyond the lower body and focus on strength and stamina. This is important to understand, that as one works out a certain body part more there are other factors - body parts at work as well.

Therefore here are 4 exercises for toned inner thighs.

#1 Sumo Squats (Hold and Pulse)

Sumo Squats are fairly similar to regular squats except here the difference in that your legs are open a lot wider, wider than your shoulders and your toes are pointed outwards.

Place your hand in front of you or at the back of your head. Now bend your knees and squat in like any other regular squat. A sumo squat works out specifically the inner thighs while also working out the rest of the lower body.

To make this workout more effective, go into a sumo squat and keep pulsing up and down. This means to come up but not entirely up and do 50 repetitions. And then at the fiftieth repetition don't come back up and hold that squat for one minute (1 minute).

#2 Hip Bridges (With a cushion in between)

Now hip bridges is a great exercise for your core and to tone one's obliques. Yet hip bridges are also a great inner thigh workout and this is by placing a cushion in between your legs while you are doing the hip bridges. Thus this not only works out your inner thighs but your obliques and core as well.

Therefore place a cushion in between your legs and lie down straight on your back. Then lift your hips up and get them back down without touching the floor. Also while doing this keep clenching the cushion with your thighs to work out your legs. Do close to 50 repetitions or one minute of this exercise.

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