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4 mask etiquettes to follow during COVID-19 

  • Follow these four etiquettes to ensure to get the maximum effectiveness from your masks during COVID-19
  • Your hands' hygiene is of paramount importance while wearing a mask.
Gaurav Singh
Modified 25 Mar 2020, 00:38 IST

Image Courtesy - Unsplash
Image Courtesy - Unsplash

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak happened across the globe, people have resorted to using masks to protect themselves against the coronavirus.

While wearing a mask can be helpful to protect yourselves against the virus, you need to ensure that you not only wear the mask correctly, but also avoid certain things you do while wearing the mask.

#1 Sanitize or wash your hands before touching your masks

Image Courtesy - Pexels
Image Courtesy - Pexels

First and foremost, ensure that the mask is placed inside a cover when not in use; you generally get a cover along with the mask when you purchase it.

Before you even touch the cover of the mask or even the mask, you must wash your hands with soap or sanitize your hands with a sanitizer and only then proceed to touch your mask.

Again, before you have food, wash your hands and then touch your mask to remove it from your face. After removing the mask, wash your hands again and only then start eating food.

Cleaning your hands ensure that no germs, viruses, and bacteria are passed onto the mask. Apart from this, wash your hands frequently throughout the day to disinfect any viruses, bacteria, or germs on your hands.

#2 Restrict talking to anyone with the mask on

Image Courtesy - Pexels
Image Courtesy - Pexels

Restricting yourselves to talk to anyone with the mask on may appear strange and awkward.


But remember, the more you talk to anyone—face-to-face or telephonic conversations—the higher the chances are of saliva being dispersed onto your mask. If your saliva keeps getting scattered on your mask, the mask becomes replaceable sooner than expected.

Given that there is already a shortage of masks, it is best to restrict talking to anyone with the mask on so that it gets worn out slowly; and you do not need to replace it quickly.

#3 Close the gaps between your face and the mask

Image Courtesy - Pexels
Image Courtesy - Pexels

You need to ensure the face mask is covered till the upper part of the nose. After that, you need to check if there are any gaps beside your nose (both left and right side of your nose).

If there is any gap, press the metallic wire, located at the top of the mask, against your noise to ensure that the gaps are closed.

The gaps should be closed to ensure that the viral droplets’ entry is blocked from all sides.

#4 Avoid randomly touching your face throughout the day

Image Courtesy - Pexels
Image Courtesy - Pexels

As per a study, people touch their faces at least 23 times per hour.

Given the massive devastation and infestation of the coronavirus, people need to kick the habit of touching their faces immediately.

Hence, you need to correctly adjust your mask in one go so that you stop touching and adjusting it repeatedly.

Concluding words:

It is crucial to wear a mask if there are a handful of people around you or if you are in a crowded area or if you have symptoms of the virus.

You never know when someone coughs or sneezes all of a sudden, and you have no mask to protect yourself.

Even if you have a mask, you need to ensure that the mask is worn correctly to avoid any other problems.

Stay indoors until the situation gets better.

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Published 25 Mar 2020, 00:38 IST
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