4 Unique Exercises Which Work Out The Entire Body

Unique exercises to get fitter
Unique exercises to get fitter
Revathi Krishnan

Everybody wants to be fit and remain healthy. Our main problem arises when we are pressed short of time to exercise or go to the gym. And despite all those tutorials on how one can workout in office, it's never quite enough.

Thus here are 4 extremely unique exercises which done together are a full body workout. They are extremely dynamic and intensive exercises and all four of them can be done well within 20 minutes.

#1 Bear crawl


A bear crawl is an exercise when you are on all fours without your knees touching the ground. With your palms faced firmly on the ground and your toes as well, the objective of the exercise is to move forward in the same position, basically, crawl like a bear.

As you move your palms forward to move ahead, correspondingly you move your legs ahead as well. However when you do move forward, your hip should not be lifted, you should be as close to the floor as possible when you are moving ahead.

Start by doing 30 seconds of bear crawls and increase to one minute and do 3 sets of the same.

Bear crawls work out your entire core and tightens it. They also tone your obliques and your thigh muscles. Bear crawls are also a great way of working out your chest.

#2 Alligator walk


Now an alligator walk might look very similar to a bear crawl but in actuality, it is a lot harder. Here you are even closer to the floor because when you are on all fours, you are actually on your elbows (plank position). So you move ahead moving your elbows in front and your legs follow. Each time you move ahead, you dip your hips to the side (similar to a pulsating side plank). Do 30 seconds of an alligator walk and 3 sets of the same.

An alligator walk tones your hips and those love handles, along with working the core area and the upper body.

#3 Crab walk


To get into a crab walk starting position, you sit on the floor, put your arms behind you and bend your legs. As you get into this position, make sure that your palms are firmly on the floor behind you and then lift your hips up. Thus you are suspended in the air, with only your feet and palms holding you up.

Now in this position, you walk. And this walk is called a crab walk. To create a variation in this exercise walk forward for 30 seconds and walk backwards (in the same position for 30 seconds).

A crab walk works your arms and tones the lower part of the arms which tends to get flabby. Alongside it tones your glute muscles, quadriceps and obliques.

#5 Frog jump


A frog jump is probably the most known exercise of the lot because we have all done it as kids, but this is no child's play. The frog jump is one of the most dynamic and explosive exercises, it works out your abdominal area and thigh muscles like no other exercises.

To do a frog jump, you sit upright and the get on all fours (while sitting). As you are in a squatting position, you jump forward and replicate the posture of a frog.

To get the most effective results doing this exercise, do 30 seconds of frog jumps and try and increase it to one minute. And do 3 sets of this exercise.

Thus all four exercises, if done for one minute and three sets of each exercise, can be done in 12 minutes. Taking breaks between each exercise, all four exercises can be done well within 20 minutes.

Edited by Kishan Prasad


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