5 Best Belly Exercises At Home To Reduce Belly Fat

Planks tone the abdominal muscles in an isometric fashion
Planks tone the abdominal muscles in an isometric fashion
Modified 26 Nov 2018
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Excessive fat around the waistline is not a desirable feature, and one must strive towards having a flat stomach as it not only improves the overall physical but also has numerous health benefits. Getting a flat stomach is not an easy job, and one requires tremendous levels of commitment and discipline along with a targeted training program.

Abdominal exercises are the way for people who are looking to reduce excessive fat around the waistline. However, it is not necessary for one to hit the gym to perform these exercises. With a few clever tweaks, combined with a set of bodyweight exercises, one could achieve similar results in the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, ensure that you have a healthy diet that is low on fat and includes good amounts of lean protein, which is crucial for muscle building and recovery.

Let us not wait any longer and look closer at the five exercises that you could perform in the comfort of your home to reduce belly fat.

#1 Crunches

Seen by many as the staple abdominal exercise, the crunches are extremely efficient in activating the entire core region and play a crucial role in reducing excess fat around the abdomen region.


Step 1: Lie down on the floor in a supine position and place the feet close to each other. Position the feet on the floor and slightly bend the knees to form an arch with the floor. Place the palms behind the head without interlocking the fingers.

Step 2: Brace the abdomen region and gradually raise the torso with a stationary lower body. Continue this motion until the upper body is almost perpendicular to the floor.

Step 3: Hold this position for a moment and return to the starting position. 

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number repetitions.

Important tips: Wear a weighted vest while performing this exercise for added resistance and improved customizability. Do not use momentum to lower the body as an improper form could lead to a serious back or neck injury.

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Published 26 Nov 2018
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