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5 Best Cardio Workouts To Reduce Fat 

Modified 11 Aug 2018, 12:24 IST
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Burning fat and getting into shape could turn out to become a daunting task as it requires tremendous discipline and commitment levels. Traditional workouts that revolve around reducing the fat focus on lifting and other compound exercises that tone the target muscle group.

However, you could reduce fat by incorporating a few high-intensity cardiovascular workouts that activate a host of muscles and aid you in reducing the fat at a rapid pace. Walking, running, swimming and rowing are the first exercises that come to mind while thinking about cardio workouts. However, there are other cardio workouts that you could perform in the comfort of your home with minimal equipment to burn all the excessive fat.

Nevertheless, ensure that you always supplement cardio exercises with strength training and toning exercises to avoid any muscle imbalances. Moreover, changing your lifestyle and eating habits goes a long way in reducing the fat. Focus on having foods that have a reduced calorie content but ensure that you get your daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

Let us dive in deeper and look closer at the five effective cardio workouts that you could add to your training program to reduce fat and get in shape.

#1 Jump Squat

This variation of the squat is an excellent plyometric exercise that is tremendously effective in reducing the fat. Additionally, the exercise targets the hamstrings, glutes and the abdominal muscles.

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Step 1: Stand straight with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Place your arms on the side and parallel to the body.

Step 2: Lower your body into a squat position and bring your fully extended arms behind the torso.

Step 3: Explosively jump as high as you can while swinging your arms upwards. Ensure that the arms are fully extended throughout the duration of the exercise.

Step 4: Gently land on your feet such that you get into a squat position.

Repeat the exercise at a rapid pace for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Rather than swinging your arms, you could perform the jump squat by placing your palms on the back of the head without interlocking the fingers.

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Published 07 Aug 2018, 21:56 IST
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