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5 Best Tricep Exercises You Must Have In Your Workout Routine

  • Here are the tricep exercises that need your immediate attention.
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Modified 01 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST
A bodybuilder flexing his triceps.
A bodybuilder flexing his triceps.

Did you know that building big triceps is directly proportionate to building big arms? Well, you might be surprised to know that the biceps constitute much less of your arm size than the larger triceps.

Traditionally when it comes to building aesthetically good arms, the triceps don’t get the attention as much as the biceps. Hence, it is obvious that you need to compliment your bicep workout with a proper tricep workout.

From the human anatomical standpoint, the triceps or triceps brachii comprises of a three-headed muscle located at the back of the upper arm. These muscles help in extending the elbow and the long head helps the latissimus dorsi muscle (broadest muscle of the back) located on the back, to bring the arm towards the body.

Whether you want to build strength and endurance for your sporting activities or you want to get rid of those flabby muscles that wobble under your upper arms, the triceps will always remain an important part of the body as it contributes to a powerful and toned upper body and helps in our day to day activities. Here is a mix of 5 best tricep exercises that can help you in the long run for a fitter you.   

#1 One Arm Band Pushdown

This exercise if performed correctly can help you to build good tricep muscles. This can be performed while travelling or at home. There are various versions of it but the one with the band allows for an extended range of motion. The triceps pushdowns also work your shoulders, abdominal muscles, and upper back.



Step 1: At first attach an elastic exercise or resistance band to an overhead object and grasp one side of the loop with any one of your hands.

Step 2: Now keep your elbow tight against the side of your body and extend your arm downward and straighten your arms.

Step 3: Bring it slowly back to the starting position at 90 degrees. Use alternate hands for every set.

Important Tips: Do 3 sets of 10 reps each. Do not move your elbows and keep it static throughout. The slower you perform this the better it is for your triceps.

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Published 08 Jun 2018, 03:18 IST
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