5 Best Shoulder Workouts For Boulder Shoulders

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Aaron Fike Special for NASCAR
Modified 25 Feb 2019
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We are obsessed with our shoulders. Are we not? Working on them is painful and tiring but at the end of the day, it feels so good. It takes time to see definite results but it is definitely worth the wait. So when you are hitting the gym and you find yourself in a messed up situation because you have no idea how to work your shoulders, what do you do? Do not feel demotivated and work it out with double the motivation and energy!

Here are some useful shoulder workout tips you must remember before you start working on them:

1.    Do not overdo your shoulder workouts. Be careful with your posture and weights. In order to bulk up, do not choose a weight that you cannot work with. Mix that up with a bad posture and you will end up with a shoulder injury.

2.    Be extra careful when doing the overhead movements or behind the back movements. Moderate weights are usually suggested for these kinds of exercises so as to prevent tears and sprains.

3.    Always complete the full range of motion. Completing the full motion enables you to work on the entire shoulder region.

4.    Maintain a locked posture with a slight bend when doing exercises like front or lateral raises.

5.    There is a difference between seated and standing variations of exercises and you must pay attention to both.

This routine consists of intermediate and advanced level exercises that will help you get stronger and well-built shoulders.

Exercise #1

Upright Barbell Row

This exercise helps you build your muscle strength and can be seen as an intermediate level exercise.


Step 1: Hold a barbell with your palms facing your body. The width must be a little less than shoulder distance.

Step 2: Pull the barbell up to your thigh level and keep your back straight. Keep your arms straight and bend your elbows slightly.

Step 3: Use your shoulder to lift the bar up but keep it close to your body. Lift it up to make it touch your chin. Keep your elbows higher than your forearms level.

Step 4: Pause for 1 second and get back to the initial position. Repeat.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps each.

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Published 04 Aug 2018
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