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5 Explosive Arm Workouts For Men To Have Powerful And Massive Biceps And Triceps

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Your biceps and triceps work in close proximity

Your arms contain many muscles that work together to allow you to perform all sorts of motions and tasks. Your arms are the muscles that most people notice because well-built arms certainly look impressive.

The biceps brachii and triceps brachii are the muscles of your upper arm. The biceps muscle is located on the front of your upper arm and is composed of two heads. The triceps makes up the back of your arm and is made up of three heads. 

The biceps and triceps often work in groups to create functional movement as they are located in close proximity to each other. Here are the exercises that will help you to achieve powerful and massive biceps and triceps.

#1 Close Grip Chin-Up

The close-grip chin-up is an exercise that increases strength in the back and biceps. It has dual advantage and is quite an impactful one. It targets the middle back, and the underhand grip places increased resistance on the biceps.


Step 1: Grab a chin-up bar using an underhand grip where the palms are facing towards you with both your hands placed at a distance of 5-9 inches apart.

Step 2: Allow your arms to hang in a fully extended position. This is known as the dead hang.

Step 3: Press your thighs together and make sure that your body remains rigid throughout the exercise.


Step 4: Now pull yourself self up until your upper chest or neck reaches the bar. Pause and then slowly return to the dead hang position.

Important Tip: Remember to keep your chest up and shoulders back and try to drive your elbows behind during the course of the exercise. Do 10 reps of three sets each with a break of 30 seconds in between sets.

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