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5 Explosive Bicep Exercises that Guarantees Big Arms

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Modified 06 Feb 2019, 16:48 IST
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Biceps are responsible for the explosive strength of the arms. They are primarily made of the long head and the short head, and it is imperative that you target both the muscle groups for a complete and a balanced workout.

Along with toning the arms, have a workout program that has enough variety, which ensures a complete development of the upper body. Relying only on building the arms could turn out to become counterproductive, and may cause further complications in the future.

Training with heavy weights is generally recommended to tone the biceps and to add mass to the arms. However, do not overload the weights as it could lead to a serious injury. Focus on having a higher rep count over lifting heavy loads. In addition, always lift weights in a controlled manner, and beginners should lift weights under expert supervision.

Moreover, keep in mind to supplement the training program with a healthy diet that is rich in protein for maximum benefits.

Include the following five explosive bicep exercises in your training program to build bigger arms.

#1 Incline Hammer Curl

The incline hammer curl is a beginner-level isolation exercise that targets the biceps with unrivalled precision. Additionally, the exercise aids in improving arm strength and shoulder stabilisation.



Step 1: Sit on an incline bench and hold dumbbells in both the hands with the palms facing the body. Ensure that the back is rested on the support. Position your hands such that they are perpendicular to the floor.

Step 2: Move your arms upwards by bending your elbows until the dumbbells are just above the torso. The upper arms should be stationary while performing this motion for maximum efficiency.

Step 3: Hold the contraction for a second and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Do not use momentum to lower the weights as it could lead to a rotator cuff injury.

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Published 17 Jul 2018, 21:28 IST
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