5 Insane Cardio Workouts For Women

IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg
IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg
Malavika Kanoria

We are obsessed with cardio and why should we not be? It gets us in the mood to take on all the problems head-on. You wonder how. Well, going for a cardio session requires every bit of motivation one has in her self and completing a session successfully just proves that women can achieve anything! Also, it helps us sweat out and lose weight. What can be better than that? Some points you must remember are:

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1. It is very easy to injure yourself. Take appropriate precautionary measures to prevent that from happening. Invest in a good pair of shoes, wear clothes that are not too loose, stretch before and after the session, be in the moment and do not force movements. These are some things you can do to prevent injuries.

2. You have the freedom to choose your cardio workout routine. Each person can have his or her own comfort level. What matters is how much you challenge yourself in your zone. You need to push yourself when you reach your limit.

3. Doing cardio 2 times a week is no good. You need to promise yourself that you will religiously do it 4 or more times each week. This can be slightly monotonous and so you are free to incorporate new exercises into your cardio routine.

4. Do not try to do everything at once. Instead, keep a main cardio session and add tiny bits and pieces here and there. A 30-40 minutes session can be done in the morning or in the evening whereas you can simply climb stairs randomly to give your heart a boost.

5. For those who want to lose weight, it is just not about doing these exercises. Diet plays an important role here. You not only have to exercise but also maintain a healthy diet.

We list out a few cardio exercises for women to lose weight and get fit!

Cardio Exercise #1



Things to remember: Walking is a form of aerobic exercise and is the simplest way to do cardio. All you need is motivation. Choose a place that is easily accessible and suitable for a walk. Take your iPod and play fast songs. Drink water before you start and time yourself. Keep a check on the steps taken as you need to cross the 8K per day mark to lose weight.

Duration: About 40-45 minutes per day, 5 times a week

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Calories lost: Now this depends on your duration, your weight and your pace. If you weigh close to 130-140 pounds and you walk fast, you will be losing about 170 calories per hour. If you weigh around 195-200 pounds, you will lose about 250 calories in an hour.

Note: Those who go to the gym can easily do the same on a treadmill.

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Next up: Jumping Rope

Cardio Exercise #2

Jump Rope

California Aims For Guinness Record For Most Kids Jumping Rope At Same Time
California Aims For Guinness Record For Most Kids Jumping Rope At Same Time

Things to remember: Indulge in rope jumping if you are always moving and if you do not have a place to incorporate a brisk walk in your schedule. This requires a small space and a jump rope. That’s all! Again, it is very important to time yourself. There are many variations that you can add. High knee, one leg, both legs, double under etc. are all the variations that you can add.

Duration: About 30-35 minutes per day, 5-6 times a week.

Calories lost: You will lose anywhere between 700-1000 calories in 1 hour. But again you need to be fast and sincere. No more than a cumulative of 7-8 minutes of rest intervals.

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Cardio Exercise #3

Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Ralf Moeller Hands Over Fitness Machines For Soldiers
Ralf Moeller Hands Over Fitness Machines For Soldiers

Things to know: For those who are not aware of this, an elliptical cross-trainer is a machine that allows you to simulate the running movement and helps you work on your major muscle groups. The machine allows you to change resistance based on your level of fitness. You can do the front jog motion or the back jog movement. You must be very careful with your speed.

Duration: About 40-45 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

Calories lost: A person weighing 125-130 pounds will lose about 550 calories in one hour whereas someone weighing 190 pounds will lose about 800-810 calories in one hour.

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Cardio Exercise #4



Things to know: This is one of the best ways of doing a full body workout and increasing your heart rate. It might seem to be difficult in the beginning but you will get the hang of it in no time.

Duration: Do it for as long as you can. See it as a workout routine in which 10 minutes is definitely not enough. Take breaks in the middle.

Calories lost: You will lose about 100 calories in just 10 minutes.

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Next up: Staircase Climbs

Cardio Exercise #5

Staircase Climbs

Runners Take Part In Charity Stair Climb To Top Of Four World Trade Center
Runners Take Part In Charity Stair Climb To Top Of Four World Trade Center

Things to know: This is a full body workout with special emphasis on your butts and legs. However, you need to be fast. A slow pace is a strict no-no.

Duration: Do this for about 20-30 minutes, 5 times a week.

Calories lost: You will lose about 15-16 calories for every 30 steps you take.

Incorporate these crazy cardio exercises in your everyday life and see the difference!

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