5 killer bodyweight workouts for strong and broad shoulders

Strong trapezius muscle along with powerful deltoids leads to an enhanced upper body physique
Strong trapezius muscle along with powerful deltoids leads to an enhanced upper body physique
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Modified 27 Jun 2019
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Not only a strong set of muscular shoulders and traps gives a person, a lean and powerful look, with an illusionistic view of having a narrow waist but also helps him in his day to day life. For precedence, a strong set of shoulders is required in many everyday activities like lifting up groceries, kids, shifting a suitcase, or carrying the bags on shoulders, etc.

A person is most prone to the shoulder injuries during his workout sessions and they are also very common among people, as the potential range of motion is very great, yet not many people do what it takes to strengthen them and work on shoulder flexibility.Β 

Also many people don't get time to go to a gym or to even buy equipment due to many of their commitments, or I say due to their busy lives, still not to worry because in this article I'll be catering 5 bodyweight workouts which will not only give their shoulders a broad look but will also strengthen them.

Along with the shoulders, trapezius muscles which is present on either side of the shoulders and, above chest, play a crucial role in enhancing the overall upper body display. So, a person should also include the necessary workouts in his workout schedule to build his traps.

Scrutinizing the above-mentioned fact. In this article, I'll also be mentioning the necessary workouts to build trapezius muscles along with the deltoids.

#1 Shoulder Pushups

Shoulder pushups are one of the best bodyweight shoulder workouts to not only train the anterior and lateral deltoids, but also to build huge traps. To perform it, one should get into a V-pushup position by bending his waist and raising his hips towards the ceiling. Now keeping the back straight and holding the core tight, he'll have to go down and lower his head towards the ground, when it is about to touch the ground, he'll have to pause at that point, hold for a second, then come up and repeat. Remember when a person is in the starting position, his arms should be little outside from his shoulder-width and parallel to each other. One should do 15 repetitions of this exercise in 3 sets and take 15-20 seconds break between each set.

#2 Push back pushups

Push back pushups helps a person in solely targetting his shoulder muscles while neglecting chest muscles. They are mainly meant to target the anterior deltoids with traps. To perform it, one should start by getting into a plank position and by planting his arms a little outside from his shoulder-width, and in line with his upper chest/shoulders. Now he'll have to go down lowering his chest as one would do in a normal pushup, next, instead of coming back up, he'll have to push himself back while bending his knees, creating a bent-knee pike position.

Then he should return to the starting position, and repeat. One should do 15 repetitions of it in 3 sets and take 15-20 seconds break between each set.

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Published 27 Jun 2019
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