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6 Best Abs Workouts For Women To Get Sexy Abs

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Olympic Hopeful Emily Cook
Olympic Hopeful Emily Cook

You know what every fitness enthusiast’s goal is? Sexy abs! This is the same for women as well. Women love to dream of a flat tummy or 6-pack abs. So we have designed for you a complete abs workout that will help you achieve your goals.

But first, let us make one thing very clear, it is just not the exercises that count. Cardio is very crucial. Incorporate a 40-45 minutes cardio session and do it at least 6 days a week. This will help you lose overall body fat. Let us look at some cardio alternatives that you can choose from:

1.    Running or walking: Not only is it seen as an amazing stress buster, but it is also one of the most effective ways to lose total body fat. Find yourself a good stretch and get on with it. Include interval training in some way or the other. That is, run for a specific period and then follow it up with a brisk walk. Continue this cycle for the fixed time period.

2.    Skipping: Jumping rope is an exercise that every athlete does. It not only tests your stamina, but it also trains almost every part of your body.

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3.    Swimming: This not only helps you build muscles but it also looks into developing your cardiorespiratory functions. Swimming helps burn calories without really putting a lot of strain on your joints.

4.    Stationary cycling: This equipment is a one-time investment and can help you go a long way, not literally! It is fun and helps you lose a lot of calories in a limited time period.

5.    Kickboxing: This is an alternative for which you might need some help initially. Nevertheless, it is very effective.

Once we have discussed some cardio exercises that you must try and include in your workout regime, let us get into an abs workout that will help you get ripped.

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