6 Best Arm Exercises for Men to Get Bigger Arms

Best arm exercises for mass and strength (Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash)
Best arm exercises for mass and strength (Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash)

If you want bigger arms, it’s important to know the best arm exercises to pump the arm muscles and ensure the fibers grow back thicker and stronger after each arm session.

It’s absolutely important to focus on the biceps and triceps to ensure proper upper arm development. If you focus on only one muscle group, you’ll end up with an imbalance in your upper arms.

As biceps are triceps are smaller muscle groups, both get worked when you’re doing back and chest compound movements. However, it’s important to do isolation exercises that only target the biceps and the triceps.

Best Arm Exercises for Bigger Arms

Here are six best arm exercises men should do if they want to build big upper arms:

1) Bicep Curl

Biceps are made up of two heads - long and short. You should do exercises that focus on both heads, and bicep curls help with both.

A shoulder-width grip works on both heads, but a wider grip works on the short head. while a close grip will work on the long head.

One point to ensure during this exercise is to keep the upper body and elbows steady and only use the biceps for the exercise. Do not use the body’s momentum to pull the dumbbell towards yourself.


2) Concentration Curl

Concentration curls are an excellent arm exercise to focus on the long head. The long head is responsible for the bicep peak, so it must not be ignored.

However, it’s difficult to isolate the long head from the short head, but concentration curls impact the long head more. Otherwise, every exercise you do impacts both bicep heads.

During concentration curls, keep your tricep against your inner thigh and foot firmly on the ground. Use the full range of motion, and allow the forearms to completely extend towards the floor before doing the next rep.


3) Zottman Curl

Zottman curls are an intense arm exercise and works on the biceps and forearms. However, these curls require you to begin with a lower weight, as there's a twist during the exercise.

You need to hold the dumbbell in each hand and do a bicep curl. Turn your forearms so that your palm is facing outwards, and lower the dumbbell. It’s important to twist the forearm and not the wrist. If you use your wrists for the turn, you’re likely to injure yourself.


4) Tricep Extension

Triceps are the bigger muscle group in the upper arms. You cannot have big upper arms if you do not work on the triceps.

Triceps have three heads, and you need to work on all three heads to ensure proper growth and development. You can do extensions using the table or dumbbells. Ideally, you should begin with dumbbells. This is a tricep exercise that popularly has two variations - single hand and double hand.

You can begin with single-handed extensions to understand the form, and move to double hand if you’re able to lift a heavier dumbbell. Ideally, you should focus on engaging the tricep muscles as much as possible with every rep. Hold the position for at least two seconds before lowering the weight.


5) Tricep Pushdown

Tricep pushdowns are another top arm exercise to build the triceps. The best way to exercise the triceps during a pushdown is through a cable pushdown. You can use the straight bar to exercise both arms at the same time or do it unilaterally.

If you’re doing both hands at the same time, you can lean slightly forward, but keep your back straight and knees slightly bent. Also, keep in mind not to sway your elbows, and keep the triceps engaged at all times.


6) Dip

Dips are a bodyweight pick for triceps. You can add resistance to it as you become stronger.

You can begin with tricep dips on the bench, but you can start with tricep dips using the dip tower once your triceps can handle the resistance.


Bottom Line

The best way to incorporate the best arm exercises is by beginning light before moving your way to heavier weights through progressive overload.

Other parts of the arm you should train are the shoulders, but it’s better to do shoulders on a separate day than triceps, as the latter is engaged in most shoulder compound exercises.

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