6 Fun Jump Rope Exercises For Beginners

Try these 6 jump rope variations for fat loss! (Image via unsplash/Element5 Digital)
Jump rope variations for fat loss (Image via Unsplash/Element5 Digital)

The jump rope exercise is a great way to get fit without going to the gym, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Fortuntely, there are a few easy jump rope exercises for beginners that can have you feeling like a pro in no time.

Fun Jump Rope Exercises for Beginners

Here's a look at six such exercises:

1) Basic Jump

For the basic jump, you will need to:

  • Step over the jump rope with your feet, and jump up.
  • As you do that, swing the rope over your head. Once in the air, step onto it again, and repeat.

This exercise is simple enough that even kids can do it. You can increase the difficulty by doing more than one repetition in a row (one set) or increasing the speed and/or height of each jump.


When learning this exercise, keep in mind that it's important not to let go of either end of the rope, as that could cause injury.

2) Double Under

Double unders are a great way for beginners to get started with a jump rope. If you can do a double under, it means you have a good grip on the rope, good coordination, and balance, as well as good footwork.

These are all important skills that can help you become an expert at jump roping. The best part about double unders is that they’re really easy to learn. They require no previous experience with jumping ropes and can be done wherever there’s enough room (and some patience).

To do double unders, follow these steps:

  • Start by jumping regularly.
  • Once you've gained enough momentum, jump higher than usual to bring the rope under you for two rotations instead of the usual one.
  • Jump as high as you can so that you can safely and effectively perform two rotations in the span of just one jump.


3) Cross Over

Your first step is to learn how to cross over. It's a great exercise for beginners, as it helps you get used to the rope, and it's an excellent way to build coordination. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere — at home, at the gym, or even in your office.

  • This exercise is simple to do. Just perform normal jump roping exercises while crossing over every time through the loop of the rope.
  • You can also make this exercise tougher by creating a criss-cross pattern with your legs while jumping..


4) Side Swing

Here's how to perform the side swing variation of the jump rope:

  • Stand with feet together, and jump rope held at waist height.
  • Swing the rope from side to side, keeping it at waist height as you do so.
  • Bend your knees slightly, but don't bend them too much, as you could lose control of the rope.
  • Beginners should always start at a slow pace and gradually increase their speed as they get used to the exercise.


5) Jumping Jack

You can do jumping jacks anywhere, any time. This exercise takes what makes jumping jacks so simple yet so effective, making it an incredibly challenging but fun exercise.

Jumping jack skips are easy to learn, but only if you start off slowly so that they are not too difficult. You should practice jumping jacks till you get the hang of them before increasing your speed or adding extra arm movements.

To do this exercise:

  • Start by doing regular skips till you gain momentum.
  • Once you've gained some momentum, start doing jumping jacks while avoiding the rope.
  • Do that for as many reps as you can.


Jump rope exercises can help you lose weight, become fitter, and improve your heart health by helping pump blood more efficiently throughout your body.

6) High Knee/Jog in Place

Here's how to do a high knee rope jump:

  • Jog in place, or do high knees for this exercise. That will elevate your heart rate, making it a more efficient form of cardio for fat-burning.
  • Keep your arms moving at a consistent speed, and begin jogging in place while bringing your knees to your chest.
  • Your knees should come up one at a time, creating a tunning motion without accelerating forward. Remember to avoid the rope, as usual.
  • This exercise requires solid hand-eye coordination as well as solid reflexes for you to be able to bring your legs up alternately at a fast pace.
  • Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes.



Jump roping is a great workout that can be done anywhere, and it's also very versatile. You can do it in your living room, yard, or even when you're traveling. It works the entire body and is a great way to lose weight, as you'll be sweating out all those unwanted pounds in no time.

Jumping rope is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. It also helps improve your coordination and balance. There are many types of jump rope exercises you can do. So experiment with some of the ones listed above.

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