6 Golden Tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Get Bigger Muscles

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding legend. (Image via IG @aidingallery / @rambo_2697)
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding legend. (Image via IG @aidingallery / @rambo_2697)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a muscle icon. The former Mr. Olympia has dominated bodybuilding and shaped the sport for over two decades.

The 'Golden Six' is a training routine based on six key exercises he followed when he started training commercially in gyms in Munich. Simple yet effective, it's a great workout for both beginners and advanced gym-goers.

Here are six tips, if applied to your training regime, can get you on the way towards building bigger muscles:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Golden Tips to Get Bigger Muscles

Arnold Schwarzenegger's training philosophy is simple: “Eat big to get big.” The former bodybuilder and California governor is still in top shape despite being 75.

Here's a look at his six golden tips:

1) Document Your Physical Transformation

Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends getting a headstart on any training regimen by capturing photos of yourself at various angles, so you can look back and see how far you've come.


2) Build a Solid Foundation

If you've always wanted big arms, you'll be tempted to do bicep curls. Don't start with them, though. Instead, focus on multi-joint moves like bench presses and squats.

Once you've gained 15 pounds of muscle mass, Schwarzenegger says, you're ready to begin adding variety to your exercise routine.


3) Chase the Rush

Getting the 'pump' is an important part of a workout, says Schwarzenegger. It means you’re forcing blood into the muscle you’re training, causing it to swell inside. If you want to pack in size, pumping up is essential. Focus on getting that feeling in every workout, even if you’re struggling initially.


4) Perform More Sets of Reps

Arnold Schwarzenegger advices using lighter weights and performing more reps instead of focusing on lifting the heaviest weight possible.

Why? That's because powerlifters do it differently. "No matter how many muscles a powerlifter uses when he lifts a heavy weight," says Schwarzenegger, "he still uses fewer muscles than if he uses less weight and performs more repetitions."

5) Embrace the Machines

Schwarzenegger was once a bodybuilder who used only free weights, but as he has aged, he has fallen in love with machines.

He says:

“I wish I could have used the machines that you have today in addition to what I did.”

He suggests using machines after you complete your last free weight exercise.

6) Include Recovery Days

It's important to give your body rest every week. Take a break from the gym, and avoid strenuous activities. Schwarzenegger suggests that you take at least one day off each week to avoid hard physical activity.


At the end of the day, whether you're looking to build big muscles or gain more mass, if you want to succeed, you need to train smart, and train hard.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man who has one of the most famous bodies in the world, knows that better than anyone.

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