6 Jumping Jack Variation Exercises For Fat Loss

Jumping jacks are a great exercise for losing fat. (Image via Unsplash/Konstantin Planinski)
Jumping jacks are a great exercise for losing fat. (Image via Unsplash/Konstantin Planinski)

Jumping jacks, also known as star jumps, are a great way to warm up, get your heart pumping and also lose fat.

You can do them anywhere, and they're easy to learn. However, if you want to add some variety in your routine or challenge yourself, you might want to try jumping jack variations.

In this article, we'll explore a few ways you can shake up your regular jumping jack workouts.

Jumping Jack Exercises For Fat Loss

Here's a look at six such exercises:

1) Single-Leg Jumping Jack

This is a great exercise for improving your balance and coordination. It’s also a good way to warm up your body before exercising or cooling down after workout.

To perform a single-leg jumping jack, start by standing with both feet together and keeping your arms at your sides. Jump on one leg. The opposite hand should come up in midair while the opposite foot should touch down first (elevating off it).


Land softly on both feet before repeating on the other side by jumping off that leg instead and landing softly again with both feet together.

2) Cross Jumping Jack

Crossing your arms in front of your body and simulataneously crossing your legs can give you a great workout on both sides of the body.

You can do this exercise with just one arm; switch to the other side, and perform ten reps. Alternatively, you can hold both hands up as though in prayer. Quickly cross them in front of you before bringing them down to rest on top of each other (like how kids cross their fingers).


At the same time, jump up and down continuously till you reach exhaustion.

3) Lateral Jumping Jack

Lateral Jumping Jacks are an excellent way to incorporate a challenging move in your workout. They're also great to do with a friend or partner.

Here's how they're done:

  • Start standing straight up, feet shoulder-width apart and hands at your sides.
  • Start as you would for normal jumping jacks, but begin slowly, moving either to your left or right while still jumping.
  • Repeat on the other side to complete one set. You may do as many sets as you like.


The best way to make this exercise more effective is by doing it with a heavy medicine ball. You can also do it with a partner holding one end of the ball while you jump in place using both legs, alternating between each leg every time you jump up.

4) Uneven/ Oblique Jumping Jack

This is a challenging variation of the jumping jack exercise that can improve your coordination and balance.

To do it, start by doing a regular jumping jack on one leg, and switch legs once you land on the ground. Do that for 8-12 reps on each side before moving on to the next exercise in this circuit routine.

It’s important to keep your shoulders square as well as look straight during this move to ensure you don't lose stability or get off-balance.


You can also add some plyometric movements, such as clapping, when switching from one leg to another (just make sure they're still jogging).

5) Rope Jumping Jack

This exercise is a variation of the jumping jack that helps improve your cardiovascular fitness.


To do this exercise, hold a skipping rope in your hands, and jump over it while you're holding it.

6) Plyometric Jumping Jack

Plyometric Jumping Jacks are a great addition to your jumping jack workout routine.

Plyometric exercises are those that incorporate an eccentric and concentric phase of muscle contraction, usually by using a plyometric box or bench. The goal is to build explosive strength and power in the entire body and not just in the legs as regular jumping jacks do.

To do this exercise:

  • Stand with feet together, with your knees slightly bent and arms at waist height in front of you.
  • Jump forward as high as possible while bringing your arms overhead. Land softly on the balls of your feet with knees bent slightly and arms raised overhead.
  • Repeat continuously for 30 seconds or more till you're fatigued but not completely exhausted.



The aforementioned jumping jack variations are great to add to your workout routine.

Whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your regular routine or you're seeking a new challenge, these exercises can help you get there.

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