6 Plank Variation Exercises for Burning Fat

Guide to plank variation exercises (Image via Pexels/Photo by Nathan Cowley)
Guide to plank variation exercises (Image via Pexels/Photo by Nathan Cowley)

Plank variation exercises should be an active part of your workout routine. It’s important to have strong core muscles, as it helps with stability and balance with various compound movements.

The reason core muscles should be worked upon during workout routines is because core strength is an important element of overall physical fitness. It’s essential to have the strength that can help with gym workout routines as well as daily life.

Plank Variation Exercises to do for Core Muscles

If you have an abs routine, here are six exercises you can do. In fact, if you don’t do planks already, try adding them to your routine.


1) Elbow Plank

This is the most common in the list of plank variation exercises. If you’ve never done planks, this is what you should begin with.

To do this exercise, go on your toes and forearms; avoid rounding your back, and engage your core muscles. It’s important to make sure your abdominal muscles are stressed, and ensure your lower back doesn’t take over.

2) Side Plank

This variation of the plank works on your obliques. You need to turn towards one side, and go on your toes and elbows. Your palms should be in front of your body, pointing outwards. Hold the position to do the plank, but you can extend your resting arm towards the ceiling to maintain balance.

3) Weighted Plank

A weighted plank is a classic elbow plank, but you have to keep a weighted plate on your back. The idea is to keep the weight plate to add on to the resistance.


It’s better to begin with lighter plates and get used to the posture and stress before moving to higher plates.

4) Plank Up and Down

This is an interesting exercise on the list of plank variation exercises. It requires a series of movements to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

The exercise begins with a shoulder plank. Bend one arm from the elbow, and touch your forearm to the floor; repeat the same with the next arm. At this point, you should be in an elbow plank position. From here, move back to a shoulder plank one arm at a time.

For the entire duration, ensure to have your hips as stable as possible and your core engaged all the while.


5) Single Leg Plank

Another variation of planks is single leg plank. These are classic planks but done on one leg. This is an advanced version of classic planks, and you must try this only after you are successfully able to withstand classic planks and weighted planks.

6) Plank Jack

Plank Jack is a one of the plank variation exercises that can add up as a cardio exercise as well. Here, you need to go in an elbow plank position first.

Once you’ve engaged your core, start moving your legs outwards and inwards with slight hops, replicating the lower body motion of jumping jacks. All the while, your core needs to remain engaged. Additionally, your hips need to be as stable as possible.

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