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6 Weight Training Exercises For Fat Loss

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Weight training is not synonymous to powerlifting. It is a much wider term than that. In layman terms, weight training is training done with weights. It is as simple as that. There are several benefits of incorporating weights in your workout routine. Let us look at some benefits of weight training:

1.    Weight training helps you lose body fat. So for all those who thought that weight training was a method adopted to bulk up, that is not the case. It depends on the kind of diet you follow or the kinds of exercises you choose.

2.    Weight training helps you increase your endurance, strength and stamina.

3.    Weight training helps you fight a lot of problematic health conditions like osteoporosis, back pains, diabetes etc. Not only that, but it also helps you work on your mental condition. It helps you fight depression, anxiety and stress.

4.    It helps in making your bones, muscles and tendons strong and that in turn, reduces the risk of injuries.

5.    Since you add resistance to your exercises, you train your body to maintain proper posture.

6.    Since weight training helps you work on your core, it makes your core strong and enhances your efficiency of doing regular tasks.

The First Recovery Centre Is Launched For Injured Troops
The First Recovery Centre Is Launched For Injured Troops

There are some pointers that you must keep in mind before you start weight training:

1.    Choose weights wisely.


2.    Challenge your body but do not torture it.

3.    Rest is as important as working out.

4.    Be well hydrated and do not cut down on carbs so much that it starts to cause health issues.

5.    Know and acknowledge your limitations. It is okay to have boundaries. It takes time to push them. Do not try and speed up the natural course.

Now, let us look at a weight- training program that will help you lose weight:

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