7 Effective Cardio Machine Workouts to Burn Calories

Cardio helps a great deal in burning calories. (Image via unsplash/Dylan Nolte)
Cardio helps a great deal in burning calories. (Image via unsplash/Dylan Nolte)
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Love it or hate it, there's no denying that cardio is excellent for burning calories. There's nothing more rewarding than getting off a cardio machine and seeing the calories you've burnt.

Many people don't have time to frequent the gym, nor do they have the time or desire to start a weightlifting program. For such people, a quick workout on a cardio machine is ideal. It's effective, it saves time, and most importantly, it burns fat.

Here are the 7 best cardio machine workouts that you can try yourself.

Best Cardio Machine Exercises That Burn Calories

1) HIIT Elliptical

The elliptical itself is already a fantastic tool for burning calories. However, you can take things up a notch by trying to use the machine at varying degrees of intensity.

If the clock is running against you, the elliptical should be your go-to cardio machine. By simply increasing the level of intensity on your elliptical machine, you're making your body work harder to perform at the same pace. Thus, you'll be pushing yourself extra hard to maintain your pace, burning more calories.

The aim is to go as fast as you can, at the highest intensity that you can handle for a minute, and then take a minute to cool down. The more you progress, the more you can reduce your rest time. The goal is to keep progressing and prevent stagnation. An hour-long session will burn approximately 750-800 calories.


2) Incline treadmill

The treadmill is what most people think of when they hear 'cardio.' It's also what most people have misconceptions about. The treadmill isn't just a generic commercial piece of gym equipment that most people overlook or only use when feeling their 100 percent.

The treadmill, if appropriately used, can be converted into an exercise beast. You can start by walking slowly for a minute or two to get your muscles warmed up. Then increase the incline by a couple of levels. Do that for 30 seconds. Repeat.

Make your way to the highest incline, and then slowly start increasing the speed to reach the maximum level at which you can briskly walk. Do this for 15 minutes, and slowly bring the incline and intensity down. Perform this in cycles of 15 minutes until you're done with your workout.


3) Periodic Cycling

The cycling machine is another excellent and versatile cardio machine that can be used for several purposes and is guaranteed to burn calories. This workout involves bursts and lapses of pace with varying degrees of intensity. Like the elliptical, this exercise requires you to begin slowly, gradually picking up pace as you go on.

Start slow for a minute on the easiest settings. Next, bump up the difficulty to the highest level and begin cycling as fast as possible for a minute. Keep going, and then take a break for 30 seconds. Repeat this cycle 10 times for an intense and compact cardio calorie-burning session.


4) Rowing

Yes, Rowing is unexpectedly on this list. It clocks in at around 500 calories burnt per hour, which is impressive, considering most people don't think twice before ignoring it. Rowing is an excellent exercise because it uses more muscles than most, making it an efficient full-body workout.


5) Stair Climbers

The stair-climbing machine seems like an obnoxious choice on this list, considering most people use it to train their calves, but that is precisely why it makes for such a great cardio activity.

This machine is not unlike climbing real stairs, a popular form of quick, outdoor cardio performed during daily life. Hence, it is only fair that the machine equivalent makes it to this list.

Stair climbers are great for strengthening your calves, glutes, and quads, much like walking. They provide both low and high-intensity options, and you can increase or decrease the intensity and speed of the stairs.

Try going to the highest level for 5 minutes before lowering it for a minute's rest and then restarting. An hour-long interval session burns approximately 350-400 calories.


6) Spinning

Spinning is another exercise that is growing in popularity. People join spinning classes to share mutual interests and have created a supportive and friendly community while burning calories.

You can try interval spinning for optimal calorie expenditure, alternating between high and low intensities. Try spinning at the highest speed for a minute and take a break for a minute. Reduce your break time after each interval round by 10 seconds.

End your session when you can complete two whole minutes at maximum intensity. Spinning is a great exercise and an incredible option if you're looking to offload a few calories.


7) Assault Bikes

This one's rough, aggressive, and as intense as the name suggests. Assault bikes were curated for athletes and are making a massive comeback in the fitness world owing to their aggression. The assault bike is the perfect way to put your endurance and stamina to the test while being as safe and secure as it gets.

For an assault bike session that'll skyrocket your abilities and burn the most calories, try training in intervals. A Tabata split will have you cycling in intervals of 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest time.

You can also try an even more intense session of HIIT assault biking by riding for a minute, followed by 10 burpees and a thirty-second break. Do each of these 10 times, and you might not feel your legs, but you'll burn the calories you wanted to get rid of.



Cardio machines are great if you're shedding some pounds or looking to burn some extra calories. Each of these exercises on the list works independently as a solo workout or even as a finisher after an intense weightlifting session. Whatever your goal is, these machines, coupled with these exercise plans, get the job done.

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