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7-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan For Women

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A Keto diet is a new diet form that requires you to eat fewer carbs and a moderate amount of protein and fat. When you follow a Keto diet, your body and brain get tuned to derive energy from fat, thus helping you to lose weight.

Even though the food you eat can be extremely repetitive and contain way fewer calories and carbs resulting in your body to witness some side effects, it is a great diet plan as you not only lose weight, but also stay away from all the unhealthy food options. It also gives a boost to your mental performance and reduces your hunger pangs.

However, a Keto diet is not for everyone. Those who have diabetes, blood pressure and the like must consult their dietician before switching to a Keto diet. Nursing moms must definitely not follow this diet form. However, if you are certain about getting into it, we have some points that you must remember:

1.    Do not run away from fat. Carbs are a strict no-no, but fat is fine as long as it is healthy and natural.

2.    Do not get into Keto only because someone you know is doing it well. Everyone is different and Keto is seen as one of the most challenging diets. If you feel like you have the patience to alter this part of your life and you are determined enough to stick to it, go ahead.

3.    Vegetables are the best source of minerals that your body needs. Incorporate as many greens as you can.

4.    If you go all in at once, you might feel a sense of unease. Just keep yourself hydrated. These side effects will disappear as soon as your body gets comfortable with the diet.

5.    You might need to take supplements as a Keto diet changes your food pattern and alters your protein and mineral intake. Do talk to your dietician before you start.

Let us look at a 7 days Keto diet plan for women that will do you a world of good. Take this to be a trial run. If you can take this, then you can certainly jump into a full-fledged Keto Diet.

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Published 03 Sep 2018, 13:13 IST
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