7 Explosive Fat Burning HIIT Workouts To Reduce Fat

Last Modified Sep 17, 2018 10:54 GMT

One workout form that has gained a lot of momentum lately is High Intensity Interval Training. As the name suggests, a High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a workout where you go all out for a certain time period and then follow it up with a short recovery period. You keep doing the same cycle of high intensity exercises and recovery periods until your training time is done.

HIIT Workout

This form mainly works on getting your heart rate up which in turn helps you lose fat and weight. Some pretty basic benefits of doing the HIIT workout are:

a) HIIT gives a boost to your metabolism and keeps it going for more than 36 hours. In simple words, the effect of the workout remains even after 36 hours of actually performing it.

b) HIIT can be done only by using body weight and some basic instruments that are available easily. You do not need to get new equipment just to do the workout.

c) HIIT workouts are a maximum of 15-25 minutes long. Well, they should be! Therefore, you can squeeze in a session no matter how busy you are.

d) This form of workout not only helps you lose fat but also helps you build muscles.

e) HIIT helps enhance your efficiency and stamina. Always remember, less is more when it comes to this form of a workout.

There are some points that you must note before getting into it:

1) HIIT should not be done everyday. They can be done 3 times a week. If you somehow find the energy to do it everyday, then you are not really going all out.

2) The workout routine can have different ratios of exercise and rest. You can either do a 1:1 routine or a 1:2 routine or even a 1:3 routine based on the kind of exercise you are performing.

3) There are chances of injury during and post the workout. Make sure that you take advantage of the rest period. If you do not give your body the time to recover, not only will your muscles lose strength but you will also end up feeling exhausted. So much so, that you might just give up!

4) Do not just solely depend on this workout. It is super effective, agreed. But you also need to follow a strict diet if you wish to see positive results.

Now, let us look at some explosive HIIT workouts that will help your burn fat and get all toned up!

Workout #1

Burpee Workout


You need to do the routine 4 times. Take a 1-minute break after completing the burpee set.

Exercise 1: Pull-ups, do as many as you can in 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Jumping Jacks, do 60 reps of this.

Exercise 3: Burpees, do 20 reps of this.

Workout #2

Kick and Squat Workout

You need to do the routine 2 times. Do each exercise for 1-minute and rest for 15 seconds after each exercise.

Exercise 1: Stationary Jogging.

Exercise 2: Jump Squats.


Exercise 3: Burpees with a Push-up.

Exercise 4: Mountain Climbers.

Exercise 5: Lunges.

Note, each exercise will have to be done for 1 minute.

Workout #3

Beginner’s Routine


This is a beginner’s HIIT routine. You need to start with the reps mentioned below, and for each subsequent set, you need to reduce the reps by 2. Do the same until you are left with just 2 reps. Take a break of 1-minute post each cycle.

Exercise 1: Push-ups, 16 reps of this.

Exercise 2: Sit-ups, 16 reps of this.

Exercise 3: Squats, 16 reps of this.

Workout #4

Skipping Rope Workout


You need to do the routine 4 times. Take a 1-minute break after completing the jump rope set.

Exercise 1: Mountain Climbers, do 45 reps of this.

Exercise 2: Push-ups, do 25 reps of this. You can either do the standard push-up or bend your knees for additional support.

Exercise 3: Plank, do this for 1 minute.

Exercise 4: Jump Rope, do this for 1 minute.

Workout #5

PBJ Workout


This is called PBJ because it mostly consists of Planks, Burpees and Jump ropes.

Do each exercise for 40 seconds and take a 20 seconds break after each exercise. Do the full cycle 2 times.

Exercise 1: Jump Rope.

Exercise 2: Plank.

Exercise 3: Jump Rope.

Exercise 4: Jump Squats.

Exercise 5: Jump Rope.

Exercise 6: Burpees.

Exercise 7: Jump Rope.

Exercise 8: Plank Hops.

Exercise 9: Jump Rope.

Exercise 10: V-Ups.

Workout #6

Intermediate Level Workout


Do 3 cycles of the exercises mentioned below. Do each exercise for 45 seconds and take a 15 seconds break after each set.

Exercise 1: Push-ups.

Exercise 2: Squats.

Exercise 3: Butt Kicks.

Exercise 4: Tricep Dips.

Exercise 5: Lunges.

Workout #7

Abs HIIT Workout

This workout is for your abs. Do the full cycle 4 times and rest for a minute after completing the burpees.

Exercise 1: Crunches, 40 reps of this.

Exercise 2: Bicycle Crunches, 1 minute of this.


Exercise 3: Sit-ups, 20 reps of this.

Exercise 4: Oblique Crunches, 30 reps on each side.


Exercise 5: Burpees, 30 seconds of this.

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