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7 Saturated Fat Sources You Must Know

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American Heart Association Recommends Eating Seafood Twice A Week
American Heart Association Recommends Eating Seafood Twice A Week

When people think of going on a diet, they end up thinking about the food items they must include in their diet plan and the others, that are a complete no-no. Many a times, they are told that saturated fat is extremely bad for them and that they must avoid all those food items that contain it. This is usually because they are seen as a source of cholesterol that has a negative impact on the overall balance of the body. One can differentiate it based on its form.

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Saturated fat is usually solid at room temperature and is normally found in animal products. Apart from these, junks and packaged food items contain a good deal of saturated fat as well. It is found in items like animal meat, plant oils, dairy products, processed and packaged foods etc.

However, is it possible to totally cut this out from your diet? We say not! There are some items that are usually included in your diet, in spite of its saturated fat content, maybe because of a need or a want. According to the AHA (American Heart Association), 5-6% of your total dietary plan per day can contain saturated fat.

Since eliminating saturated fats completely is impossible due to its correlation and coexistence with unsaturated fats, we can compare and contrast the various sources to come down to the best sources of it so as it increase nutritional value and decrease bad fat content. This is only possible if we are aware of the food items that we indulge in everyday that contain saturated fat.

These sources of saturated fat include:

1. Cheese

Judging Begins To Find New Zealand
Judging Begins To Find New Zealand's Best Cheese

Even though cheese has a lot of saturated fat, not all cheeses are the same. There are some that are better than the others, as far as this is concerned. Ricotta cheese and cottage cheese have comparatively lower content of saturated fats, whereas cheddar cheese and swiss cheese are higher on the content scale. Mozzarella, feta, blue cheese all lies in the middle. Hence, balance it out with the kind of cheese you choose and you will not feel guilty later.

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