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9 Low Carb Breakfasts To Start Your Day With

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Rising Agricultural Costs Force Food Prices Higher
Rising Agricultural Costs Force Food Prices Higher

A lot of us are making the constant effort to lose weight and get healthy. However, it usually pushes us to give up on certain meals because we feel that this will reduce the amount of food we consume per day and indirectly result in a reduction of our calorie intake. Even though this wishful thinking is super common, it is not the one that we must religiously follow.

Giving up on food is not a bad idea only till it is related to junk and unhealthy eatables. We usually end up skipping breakfast as we feel like it is not very important. But, on the contrary, breakfast can make or break your whole day.

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Breakfast not only helps you get in a positive mood, but also gives you the energy to work it out. It gives a boost to your metabolism and makes sure that you do not end up over eating throughout the day.

We are not undermining your determination to lose weight. Instead we want to help you understand that not all food items are unhealthy or loaded with carbs.

We have, thus, listed a few recipes that can be a part of your low-carb diet which are not only perfect for breakfast but will also make you lose weight by making you feel full. So lets get started!

Recipe #1

Vegetables with Egg


Add coconut oil to a pan and let it heat up. Chop some carrots, broccoli, beans, onions and cauliflower and add it to the oil. Put 3 eggs to this vegetable mix. Once they are cooked, add salt, pepper and a little spice mix. In the end, add come spinach. Cook to perfection and serve.

Pacific Catering,United Airlines first class menu
Pacific Catering, United Airlines first class menu

Recipe #2

Chia Pudding


Mix one-fourth cup of chia seeds with 1 cup of low fat milk and ½ tablespoon of honey. Pour it in a jar or a cup and put it in the fridge. Once it is slightly thick, add your choice of fruits and nuts.

Note: The images are for representation purpose only and are not connected to a particular recipe.

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