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Crunches are very effective in toning the abdomen

Hitting the gym day in and day out and working hours towards getting a perfectly toned abdomen is not the only way to get six pack abs. You could get the same with a high-intensity training program, which includes short bursts of various ab exercises on a regular basis.

However, keep in mind that getting six pack abs is not an easy task and requires consistency and discipline. Along with a well-designed workout program, you should also focus on having a healthy diet that has a high protein content.

With this high-intensity training program, you could sculpt your abdomen to get those six pack by working out just eight minutes every day.

Note: Before starting this intense workout routine, have a proper warm-up for around two minutes flexing all the required muscles.

#1 Crunches - 3 Minutes


Crunches are almost found in every workout program due to its simple nature and its ability to target the abdomen muscles with utmost precision. In addition to strengthening the rectus abdominis muscle, crunches work on the improving the obliques as well.

This exercise could be performed by people of different ages and diverse skill levels.


Step 1: Lay flat on the floor in a supine position. Position the arms behind the head or on the chest. Do not push the head or neck against the hands as it could lead to an injury.

Step 2: Lift the shoulders off the floor by using the lower back as a pivot. Move upwards until the shoulders are around 4-5 inches above the ground. Take care that the lower back is always planted on the floor.

Step 3: Hold for a moment and return to the initial position.

Perform the exercise for three minutes without taking a break in between the reps.

Important tips: Multiple variations of this exercise including the reverse crunch and the twisting crunch could be performed for variable resistance and improved customisability. You could also use a stability ball or a decline bench to perform this exercise.

Next up: Stability Ball Pull-In

#2 Stability Ball Pull-Ins - 2 Minutes


Stability ball pull-in is a beginner-level exercise and is ideal for people belonging to different age groups and diverse skill levels. Apart from targeting the abdomen, this exercise also targets the obliques.


Step 1: Lay down with the hands on the floor in a push-up position. The distance between the hands should be equal to the width of the shoulders.

Step 2: Position the legs on the stability ball such that the lower shin makes contact with the ball. Hold the hands in the same position as in step 1.

Step 3: With a straight back and a stationary upper body, move the knees towards the chest allowing the ball to roll under the ankles.

Step 4: Pause for a moment and return to the initial position.

Perform this exercise for two minutes without taking a break between the reps.

Important tip: In the initial position, ensure that the legs are fully extended and parallel to the ground.

Next up: Plank

#3 Plank - 1 Minute


The plank or the abdominal bridge is a very effective exercise that improves the core strength. Along with that, it aids in strengthening the back and the shoulders.


Step 1: Lay on the floor in prone position. Position your arms such that the forearms are in direct contact with the floor. The distance between the arms should be equal to the width of the shoulder. The total weight of the body should be resting on the toes and forearms.

Step 2: Tighten the abdomen and hold this position.

Stay in the plank position for about a minute. Slowly exhale and inhale while holding this position.

Important tips: Multiple variations of the plank including heel lift or the plank jack could be performed for improved variety in the workout.

Next up: Jackknife

#4 Jackknifes - 2 Minutes


Jackknife is a very effective exercise for building six pack abs. Specifically, it targets the lower part of the abdomen with unrivalled precision.

With a host of variations, the jackknife could be performed by people of different ages and diverse skill levels. In addition, the jackknife also improves the lower back and the overall flexibility of the body.


Step 1: Lay flat on the floor in supine position. The arms should be extended outwards behind the head. Keep the legs straight and parallel to the ground to finish the initial position of the exercise.

Step 2: Raise the arms and the legs in unison to bring them together right above the abdomen region. Try to keep arms and legs straight throughout the duration of the exercise for maximum efficiency.

Perform this exercise for two minutes to finish the high-intensity training program.

Important tip: The jackknife could also be done using an exercise ball or a flat bench.

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