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8 Proven Benefits of Pilates Explaining Why It Is A Must

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Miss America Contestants Resolve to Get Fit with Big Piano Fitness at NYC
Miss America Contestants Resolve to Get Fit with Big Piano Fitness at NYC's Pilates on Fifth

Pilates is the new IT thing and why should it not be? It not only helps you work on your fitness level and weight, but enhances your mind and body connection as well. The movements in Pilates must follow a specific order and the exercises must be done with a lot of control and care.

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The overall workout is easy but demanding at the same time. I am sure that you must be thinking that most of the exercises work on just your core, so how does it constitute a whole body workout? It is a myth, in the process of working on your core strength and flexibility, you end up working on all your muscle groups simultaneously. Also, it is not necessary for you to join a gym to do Pilates. You can just buy an exercise mat and log on to Sportskeeda for your own Pilates session at home.

But before you start engaging and indulging in Pilates, you must be aware of all its benefits.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates Benefit #1

Pilates is not a stringent workout regime. It can be customized according to your fitness level and health conditions. Those with heart conditions and blood pressure can include Pilates in their workout regime by doing simpler movements. Pregnant women can also do Pilates by limiting their range of motion.

Pilates Benefit #2

Not everyone wishes to bulk up. That is, a lot of us want to lose weight and reduce the overall mass of our body. While hitting the gym can help us in the former, mass reduction is not really possible because the moment you start toning your body, you build muscles that give you the sharp and sculpted look. Pilates will help you achieve both your goals. Pilates helps in overall fat reduction and muscle toning that does not lead to bulking. 

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