Adele’s Former Trainer Shares 3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Body

Sleep is important if you want to lose weight, according to Adele
Sleep is important if you want to lose weight. (Image via Instagram/adele)

When pop star Adele revealed her weight loss on Instagram, she sparked a heated debate about body acceptance and self-love on social media: Was she too skinny?

The London-based trainer - Geracimo - whose fitness programme helped Adele reach her best shape ever, has spoken about the strategy that helped the Grammy Award-winning artist lose 60 pounds over two years.

Simple Steps to Transforming Your Body by Adele’s Former Trainer

Geracimo, 48, says the most important thing to remember during any fitness journey is to be fully committed to the whole process and to be patient. If Adele's new look has inspired you, the good news is that her former trainer says that transformations are not really complicated.

All that is required is belief in yourself that you can do it and consistency in your actions and discipline in your routine.

According to Geracimo, three key factors determine your success:

  • Eating a well-balanced and inclusive food plan
  • Getting your heart rate up regularly, and exercising
  • Relaxing properly with restful sleep allows your body and mind to repair and recover

1) Being healthy is not as hard as you might think

For fitness trainer Geracimo, exercising should be enjoyable.

"Exercise should enhance and complement our daily lives by making everyday tasks easier," he says.

Geracimo believes exercise selection must be adapted to suit the person and not the other way around. There's no sense in forcing someone to do something if there's no joy in it — that's torture.

Geracimo is a proponent of realistic training and nutrition. He doesn't advocate short cuts or quick fixes, but he promotes long-lasting results. The same goes with nutrition.

He doesn't promote supplements, pills, powders or potions; he prefers real foods and a healthy and varied eating lifestyle. It's easier than you think.

2) Geracimo trained Adele at least twice a week

When Geracimo got Adele in for a workout, he kept the sessions fun and varied. He would throw in cardio challenges, weight training, or just kept them simple with bodyweight and resistance band work.

He told Insider that it was hard to read so much negativity about his former client and felt compelled to remind people that no one should be criticized for achieving their goals.

3) Getting a good night's sleep

Sleep is important if you want to lose weight, according to Adele's former personal trainer.

He says that sleep affects two 'hunger hormones' — ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is released after the brain signals that the stomach is empty, while leptin is released from fat cells to suppress hunger and tell the brain that it's full.

However, if you don't get enough kip, the body makes more ghrelin and less leptin— leaving you hungry and increasing your appetite. He has said that the most important thing to remember in any fitness journey is to stay patient.


The good news for anyone looking to make changes in their life is that it's never too late. You're never too old; you're never too out of shape, and you can always get started.

What matters most is that you are consistent in making changes; you are aware of the progress made, and you stay positive as you work towards a healthier lifestyle. If Adele taught us anything in her latest album, it's that you've got to start somewhere.

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