Ana De Armas: Approved Health and Fitness Tips You Need to Try

Here are some Ana de Armas-approved health tips! (Image via wallpaper abyss)
Ana de Armas follows a good regime for health and fitness. (Image via wallpaper abyss)

Ana de Armas is one of Hollywood's rising stars, and has swiftly made her way to the A-List. In the short time that she's been active in Hollywood for, she's starred in Blade Runner 2049, which happens to be the role that catapulted her to superstardom, as well as other films like Knives Out, The Gray Man, No Time To Die, and most recently, the Marilyn Monroe-centric Blonde, which you can catch on Netflix right now. Quite an impressive resume, right?

Ana de Armas is reportedly a fan of staying fit and healthy, and often undergoes quite a rigorous training regime before each role of hers, in an effort to stay in impeccable shape and look great on camera. She has quite a normal approach to fitness, something you wouldn't expect from the gym-crazed freaks of Hollywood. To get some more insight into her routine, here are some tips from Ana de Armas herself:

Ana de Armas' Fitness Tips

1. She Puts Her Mental Health Over And Above Everything Else

Shooting films back-to-back can get stressful, and it's important to remember that actors are human too. As such, this excessive strain tends to take a toll on one's mental health. De Armas wisely chooses exercises that give her a much-needed serotonin boost. In conversation with Vogue US, she revealed that Pilates is a personal favorite of hers.

"I've been going to this beautiful pilates studio very close to my hotel [and it's] keeping me sane."

2. She Doesn't Just Consume Her Food, She Enjoys It Too.

When trying to constantly bulk and cut for a plethora of roles, all while being on a time crunch, it's very easy to get absorbed into the world of soulless chicken breast, rice, and broccoli. However, this presents a very transactional relationship between man and food, and De Armas recognizes this. She loves food from her homeland Cuba, and cites rice with beans, topped with a fried egg, as her ultimate source of comfort.

3. She Meditates To Calm Herself

Taking a break from an actor's stressful routine is a must, especially for one's mental well-being. For Ana De Armas, this opportunity to unwind and isolate comes in the form of meditation.

"I do meditate. I like it very much. When you start doing it and you're consistent with it, you realise how much it helps with all the things that come up for you. It's been a very intense year for everybody and I thought that it was important to figure out a way in which I could create space to take time for myself to think, meditate, feel good and healthy."

4. She Experiments with New Forms of Fitness

A large part of holistic health and fitness stems from the realization that there's more to fitness than just plain old cardio and deadlifts. For De Armas, being a leading lady is just an added plus. For her gun-slinging Bond girl adventures, this means getting to try out new, unique styles of fitness. Doing stunt work, weapons training, and practicing martial arts, are all a package deal that come with the part.

"I have to prepare for action films I'm doing with really intense physical work, training, and choreography. I do it from 9 am to 2 pm, and then I get a break. On the weekends I get to go to the shooting range and I practice shooting with firearms that I have to use in the film. I enjoy it very much."


Ana de Armas is setting the screen on fire with her slew of new roles. However, there's nothing that makes us happier than knowing that she loves taking care of herself and truly enjoys a healthy balance between work and fun!

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