The Best Full Body Barbell Workout for Fat Loss for Men

Effective full body workout for weight loss for men. (Image by Binyamin Mellish / Pexels)
Effective full body workout for weight loss for men. (Image by Binyamin Mellish / Pexels)

If you have tried and failed to establish a routine of physical activity, then it is time to take a step toward the positive side. The best way to start the process is by incorporating a barbell exercise into your daily workout routine to get the full body workout. It will strengthen your system and boost your metabolism, which will greatly help you to lose weight.

But you're off to a good start already. Just by incorporating simple equipment into your workout routine, you are setting yourself up for success.

The barbell is the most essential piece of weightlifting equipment for at-home workouts. With this, you can build several types of muscle groups in your chest, arms, back, abs, and legs. It is also affordable and easy to use.

Best Barbell Exercises For Fat Loss:

1. Barbell Squat Exercises

Back squats are the most basic strength exercise and, by far, the most popular in gyms and weight rooms around the world. They are extremely adaptable and can be utilized to boost performance or aid recovery.


Here's how you do back squat:

• For best results, make sure you stand with your heels in line with your toes.

• Place the barbell on your upper back, between your shoulders and your neck.

• Flex at the hip and bend your knees until you're almost sitting down.

• Make sure you are not locking your knees at the end of the movement.

• Maintain posture as you return to the starting position.

2. Floor Press

Lifters of all levels can benefit from the floor press to increase muscular mass, lockout strength, and bench press technique. It can even be a great variation for those who say their shoulders ache.


How to do floor press:

• Lie on the ground with a barbell over your hips.

• Bend your knees, place your feet flat on the ground and hold the bar at shoulder width with an overhand grip.

• Lift it up above your head and then lower it until you are leaning back, with your elbows resting on the floor. Repeat.

3. Shoulder Shrugs

Consider incorporating shoulder shrugs into your workout program if you want to strengthen your shoulder, neck, or upper back muscles, or if you want to enhance your posture.


Here's how you do shoulder shrugs:

• Hold the barbell with your both hands and stand straight.

• Shoulder-raise the bar as high as you can while you breathe in, hold for two or three seconds and lower it back down to the starting position while you breathe out.

4. Barbell Deadlifts

Deadlifting is a compound exercise that engages most of your muscles throughout the body. This simultaneously gets you to burn large amounts of calories while also helping muscle growth, which in turn burns even more calories and increases your metabolism.


How to do the the deadlift:

• Stand with your feet hip-width apart while holding the bar at chest level with an overhand grip.

• Bend your hips back as if you were about to sit in a chair. Continue by standing up and squeezing your glutes.

• Repeat the exercise and then place the bar on the floor.

5. The glute bridge

Glute bridges with a barbell are a great way to warm up, tone, and strengthen your gluteal muscles and core.


How to do a glute bridge using a barbell:

• Put a barbell pad around your bar to cushion your hips when you thrust. Lie back on the bench with the barbell across your hips.

• Keep your feet placed firmly on the ground, closer to your glutes. Engage your core and abs by thrusting your hips upward.

Tips to perform a better workout:

Warm-up: Before you begin lifting weights, always warm up. This will help you warm up your muscles and avoid damage. Before moving on to heavier weights, warm up with mild cardio or a light set of each exercise.

Breathe: Don't hold your breath, and make sure you're moving through the entire range of motion.

Maintain your posture: Keep your balance and protect your spine by paying attention to your posture and engaging your abs in every movement.

• Expect sore muscles: When you try a new exercise, it's natural to feel sore.


In the end, our full body workouts will provide a solid foundation to build upon. Just like our other objectives, they are simple and easy to start.

These exercises are basic and straightforward, even if you’re using different modifications of them, and they can be manipulated into a number of variations.

Whether you choose to pick one workout or rotate among them, ensure that you take enough rest and enjoy the process. The key to effective weight loss is not overdoing the exercises and ensuring you consume enough protien for your muscles to heal and repair.

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