6 Best CrossFit Exercises to Increase Your Strength

Include CrossFit workouts in your regime to increase strength (Image via pexels/cottonbro)
Include CrossFit workouts in your regime to increase strength (Image via pexels/cottonbro)

Are you tired of grueling workouts? Do you want to achieve a more fit and muscular figure as soon as possible? CrossFit workouts are your answer.

It is certainly a fallacy that you can tone your body without sweating. However, for the finest results, sweat it out quickly with these excellent CrossFit routines.

While most workouts are designed to help you lose weight or get shredded, they rarely focus on increasing your muscle strength. As fitness buffs, your main goal is to improve all three at the same time. If you want to develop muscle strength along with becoming shredded, you should try these CrossFit workouts.

Best CrossFit Exercises to Increase Strength

CrossFit workouts are conditioned programs that include a variety of functional exercises that are performed on a regular basis. These include lifting, climbing, and rowing, and are often done at a greater intensity. The following are the six best CrossFit exercises to include in your workout routine:

1. Wall Ball

Although the medicine ball is light, the huge movement pattern puts a lot of strain on the body. Once you reach 10 reps, your core, legs, and even shoulders will be strained. They're an excellent CrossFit method to round off a regular cardio or leg workout.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Find a nine-foot-high wall (ideally brick) and a huge medicine ball weighing 14 pounds or more.
  • Hold the ball at the height of your head while standing a few feet away from the wall.
  • Squat below parallel and toss the ball at a nine-foot target as you return to the top (or higher).
  • To improve your efficiency and quickness, try catching the ball on your way down to the squat position.


2. Box Jump

Box jump is another great addition to CrossFit exercises. This seemingly basic exercise causes workout tiredness rapidly. Follow the below given steps:

  • Begin with 12 inches high surface and work your way up.
  • Hinge forward while bringing your arms behind you in an athletic stance.
  • Jump as high as you can onto the box by violently thrusting your hips and swinging your arms forward.
  • In a squat position, softly land on two feet with your knees just above parallel.
  • Before jumping, stand tall or step back down off the box and repeat for reps.


3. Kettlebell Swing

This is the ideal CrossFit workout for strengthening your posterior chain, improving your posture, and improving your general strength and conditioning.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Place a kettlebell in front of you.
  • Standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, bend your knees and lean forward, both hands grasping the handle.
  • Engage your lats to bring the kettlebell between your legs (be careful how deep you swing), then press your hips forward and explosively lift the kettlebell up to shoulder height with your arms straight in front of you with your back flat.
  • Return to the starting point and continue the process without pausing.


4. Overhead Kettlebell Swing

When you complete an overhead kettlebell swing, your shoulders, upper body, hips, quadriceps, glutes, and back are all heavily taxed. It is, after all, a full-body resistance training session.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Begin by placing the kettlebell around 8-12 inches in front of you on the ground.
  • Hinge forward as if you're attempting a deadlift and grab the horns of the bell.
  • Swing the kettlebell back and forth between your legs, keeping it high and tight.
  • With your arms perpendicular to the floor, violently thrust your hips forward and above your head to force the bell forward and above your head.
  • For a complete rep, make sure the kettlebell goes behind the head.
  • Return the bell between the legs in a controlled manner and repeat.


5. Rope Climb

The truth is that rope climbs only require a moderate amount of upper body and grip strength. With good technique, you'll be able to produce force with your legs and drive yourself up the rope quickly! If you're a newbie, you may need to master the movement pattern with your legs.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • As you attempt to climb to the top, simply utilise a hand over hand pulling style hold.
  • Make sure to "brace" your body and keep your core firm at all times.
  • Gloves are always a good idea because the rope can hurt your hands if you aren't used to it.


6. Burpee

Burpees are also one of the most effective full-body callisthenic CrossFit movements available. They need a lot of strength, especially when done correctly and with a full range of motion. Burpees put a strain on the metabolic system while also burning a lot of calories.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Begin by standing up straight.
  • With your hands on the floor, stoop down and kick your feet back until you're in a push-up posture.
  • Return your feet to the starting position as quickly as possible, then explode up, attempting to grab 6-12 inches of air while bringing your hands over your head.
  • Repeat for reps, landing softly each time.


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