Breathe well to live well


Life begins when we start breathing and ends with our last breath. Yet most of us do not know the beneficial effects of breathing well for health and vitality. It is surprising how we give importance to everything – be it diet or exercise – but something as important as breathing goes unnoticed by many of us as the major contributor to one’s good health.

Many people hold their breath or have constricted breathing unknowingly which impacts their health in a poor way. That is the reason why so many of us feel tired, fatigued and lethargic – due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain and tissues. Once you focus on proper breathing and consciously do it, you can experience amazing health benefits:

- Proper breathing helps to release accumulated toxins in the organs, preventing them from C02 overload and illness, thus helping to detoxify the body.

- Improves digestion by supplying more oxygen to the stomach cells.

- Makes you alert, active and refreshed as the brain and nervous system get their dose of oxygen to perform well.

- Makes your skin healthier, smoother and glowing by supplying oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

- Improves lung strength and stamina.

- Reduces chances of heart diseases by making the heart stronger and healthier.

- Reduces stress and tension by elevating your mood and keeping anger, frustration, irritation and sadness at bay.

- Relaxes the mind and body from physical and mental tensions, helping you think better and with clarity.

- Reduces muscle cramps after exercising by improving oxygen supply to the muscles.

- Reduces pains and aches in the body, especially headaches.

- Increases metabolism and improves immunity, protecting your from infections.

- Helps in weight control by aiding in fat burning process.

Method of breathing:

The best way to breathe is to hold your breath for a few seconds in your lungs to cleanse all the impurities and strengthen the lungs. The breathing should be deep, slow, rhythmic and through the nose and not the mouth.

1. First exhale all the air out of your system to make sure your lungs are empty.

2. Inhale through your nose, filling your abdomen and then the lungs slowly. Count up to 5.

3. Slowly exhale from your mouth till your lungs completely empty again.

Just as you schedule your business meetings, schedule your breathing sessions for 10 minutes two times a day. Make sure you breathe in the purest air early morning or any time of the day. Make this a family activity asking everyone to sit and do it together so that no one misses out.

Take time out for your breathing activity in your busy schedule and you will see a new healthier, energetic and happy self.

Edited by Staff Editor
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