“If You Want to Bulk, Add Calories Slowly and See How Your Body Responds.” Chris Bumstead Reveals His 5000 Calorie Diet

Chris Bumstead starts his day with a hot cup of coffee—mushroom blend for immune health. (Image via Instagram @cbum)
Chris Bumstead starts his day with a hot cup of coffee—mushroom blend for immune health. (Image via Instagram @cbum)

On May 15, 2022, Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead posted a video of his full-day eating plan on his YouTube channel. The 27-year-old Ottawa native is currently on a 5,000-calorie bulking diet in preparation for his fourth title defense at the 2022 Mr. Olympia competition—set for Dec. 16-18, in Las Vegas.

Although specific selections may seem a little off-kilter such as his mushroom coffee—Bumstead actually appears to eat many of the same reliable bulking foods as any mortal—he just eats more of them.

"If you want to bulk, add calories slowly and see how your body responds."

Chris Bumstead's 5000 Calorie Diet

1) Breakfast

Chris Bumstead's breakfast is around 985 calories. For breakfast, Bumstead’s girlfriend, 2016 Bikini Olympia champion Courtney King, mixes him a hot cup of coffee—mushroom blend for immune health and chocolate sea salt electrolytes to keep his hydration levels in check.


Bumstead has been experiencing digestive issues, and he's been proactive about identifying and eliminating foods from his diet that could be causing problems. Digestion is essential for bulking. His typical breakfast usually consists of pancakes, but he suspects that eggs are causing stomach discomfort for him now, so he's swapped them out for cinnamon raisin bagels with ghee or almond butter and a whey isolated protein shake (with added glutamine and fiber powder). He plans to see if this change helps.

2) Lunch

Bumstead’s lunch is approximately 796 calories. He combines 185 grams of ground turkey, 300 grams of boiled white rice, and 15 grams of olive oil for his lunch every day. Bumstead has been adding a little more olive oil to his meals, which has improved his digestion and energy levels.

Bumstead didn't provide a specific amount of calories in his pre-sleep meal.

3) Snacks

Between meals, Bumstead ate a protein bar and snacked on some organic rice cakes dusted with sea salt. He did not provide the total number of calories for his snacks.

4) Pre-workout meal

In the lead up to his workout, Bumstead whipped up a 700-calorie meal of steak and sweet potatoes. He typically avoids red meat before hitting the gym, but it was just easier that day.

5) Post-workout meal (1154 calorie)

After his workout, Chris Bumstead made a meal of 180 grams (145 grams of carbs) of brown rice pasta mixed with 100 grams of beef, 100 grams of turkey, and 250 milliliters of marinara sauce. He took two glucose pills to help balance his blood sugar after such a carb-heavy meal. He finishes his meal with a can of prebiotic soda to maintain his digestive health.

Bumstead enjoys eating 340-calorie peanut butter bar before bed. He eats one per day to fill in his calorie needs, since he eats five times per day instead of six.

6) Dinner

Before going to sleep, Chris Bumstead heated up 290 grams of his favorite white Jasmine rice and added it to a bowl with 120 grams of ground turkey and a drizzle of olive oil. He also didn’t specify how many calories were in his pre-sleep meal.

Chris Bumstead recommends that people who want to bulk up should eat a slight calorie surplus, but notes that each person needs to develop a plan based on their goals and body weight.

Wrapping Up

The off-season is a very important time for a bodybuilder, so that’s why Chris Bumstead's diet should be adapted to suit these demands. With that in mind he has been able to make his physique even better than before. He’s quite aware that his nutrition program isn’t as much fun as others he might try, but ultimately it creates the desired results.

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