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A Complete List Of The Best Keto Foods To Have As Part Of Your Keto Diet

Giant Vegetables At Harrogate Autumn Show
Giant Vegetables At Harrogate Autumn Show
Modified 03 Nov 2018, 11:41 IST
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A lot of people are opting for a diet plan that includes low carb and high fat intake. This diet is known as the Keto diet. Not only does it help you lose weight, but it also helps you better many health indices. There are some set notions in people’s mind when it comes to diet and losing weight.

One of the most basic ones is cutting down on fat and carbs. For all those who believe in this, you will be surprised to see how a high-fat diet can actually help you reduce weight. This mostly happens because when you cut off carbs, your body uses your body fat as a source of energy and ultimately becomes extremely efficient in doing so thus leading to fat loss.

Further, Keto diet helps with managing your blood pressure, blood sugar level, epilepsy etc. For beginners, it is important to point out that there are different kinds of Keto diets that they can choose from: Standard Keto Diet, Cyclical Keto Diet, Targeted Keto Diet and High Protein Keto Diet. Do consult your dietician before you decide on which one is suitable for you.

Some benefits of Keto are:

1.    It helps you lose weight and gives you quick results.

2.    It helps you manage health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure etc.

3.    It is a moderately flexible diet and allows you to decide on what you want to eat, as far as carbs are out of it.

4.    The diet is such that it helps people feel full. This prevents overeating, a problem faced by many.

5.    Because you regulate the amount of carbs you have, you compel your body to use fat as the source of energy. This promotes a consistent and constant flow of energy throughout the day.

Once we are aware of what a Keto Diet is and what are some of its benefits, let us look at some food items that you must definitely have.

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Published 03 Nov 2018, 11:41 IST
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