Connor Murphy's Diet and Workout Routine

Cody Murphy is a bodybuilder and social media influencer. (Images via Instagram/ConnorMurphyOfficial)
Cody Murphy is a bodybuilder and social media influencer. (Images via Instagram/ConnorMurphyOfficial)

Connor Murphy is a bodybuilder and social media influencer. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Murphy rose to fame on YouTube through prank videos. In 2016, he uploaded a video sharing his transformation journey. Since then, he has been looked up to by fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Murphy has been consistent with fitness-related media on his social profiles, sharing his workout routines and diet. The 27-year-old isn’t shy to show how he got his chiselled physique. Like most bodybuilders, he likes to divide his workouts between various muscle groups split over the course of a week, which seems to work for him.

Connor Murphy’s Training Routine

Connor Murphy divides his workouts over the week as follows:

Monday: Chest

Incline bench press

Flat bench press

Dumbbell flat press

Cable flies

Weighted chest dips

Incline dumbbell flies

Cable crossovers

Tuesday: Shoulders

Standing dumbbell press

Reverse flies

Front raises

Lateral raises

Rear delt flies

Wednesday: Back & biceps

T-bar row


Lateral pull down

Barbell rows

Seated cable rows

Preacher curls

Standing dumbbell shrugs

Thursday: Legs

Stationary lunges

Barbell squat

Seated leg presses

Bulgarian split squats

Leg extensions

Reverse hamstring curls

Standing calf raises

Friday: Core

Cable crunches

Leg raises

Weighted oblique crunches

Ab rollouts

Decline sit ups

Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Phew, that's intensive. Connor Murphy performs about four sets of each exercise, for about 12 to 15 reps.

Murphy sticks to his routine pretty well, and that’s only one part of how he has built his body. Let’s not forget - diet matters too.

Connor Murphy’s Diet

Connor Murphy follows the traditional bodybuilding pattern of bulking and cutting. When it comes to that, Murphy has his own plans. However, his maintenance meals look something like:

Breakfast: oats, protein powder, berries, eggs

Lunch: pasta, tuna, salad

Snack: yogurt, nuts, berries

Dinner: chicken, vegetables, sweet potato

Post-workout meal: protein shake, cereal

Evening meal: omelette with turkey, vegetables.

Murphy has always been transparent about his training and eating regime on social media. You can always check out his Instagram or YouTube for training and diet-related content.


Connor Murphy is a great inspiration to look up to, especially in this day and age. Access to social media presented him an opportunity to get famous, and he grabbed itwith both hands. Sure, it’s easier said than done to stick to such a precise and intense routine like Murphy’s, but it can give you rewards.

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