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Does your workout gear work for you? Choose the right fitness gear

Ned Walters
839   //    06 Jan 2016, 10:24 IST
Nike Airmax
Nike Airmax

If your early morning run involves you wearing flip flops, you’re ignoring the grave risk of injury to your heel and toes.

Just as you cannot be wearing your sneakers for a cocktail dinner, you cannot exercise to the optimum in the absence of proper workout gear. To get the best out of your exercise routine, you need the right equipment, right clothing, and the best fitting shoes.

Dressed To Work Out

Fabrics that are breathable and sweat absorbent are the best choices for workout clothing. The key is to feel comfortable.

Choosing the right fitting exercise clothes is also an important consideration. The fit should not be so tight as to constrict your movement while exercising. Workout gear made of stretchable fabric, that hugs you snugly, and lets sweat evaporate is the best option.

Feet First

There are different types of sports shoes available, so you should buy your shoes according to the type of workout you have chosen to follow.

If you have a passion for running, choose running shoes that have shock absorbing cushions and allow flexing. If you prefer exercising at the gym in your apartment complex, cross trainers would prove to be beneficial.

Getting the right fit is most essential when buying workout shoes.

Make sure that they are form fitting and there is an inch of space between the front of the shoe and the end of your big toe. This is because when pressure is exerted during a workout, your feet lengthen.

If you want to shop for sports shoes online, make sure that you know the right size. Choose from leading brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Columbus, Triqer, Provogue, or Zigaro. If you are buying an international brand of sports shoes from, you can match with the equivalent sizing charts to find your shoe size.

Well Equipped

Once you have decided on the right clothing and shoes, you need to analyse your fitness goal; whether you are looking at ways to lose belly fat or you want to build muscle.

If you want to build muscle, then you need to get resistance training equipment. If you want to burn off calories, get good cardio exercise equipment. Do take into consideration space and price constraints before buying exercise equipment. A wise buy for working out at homes would be equipment that is multi-functional.

With the right fitness gear in place, you will enjoy your workout and inch towards your fitness goals steadily.

Ned Walters
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